The Number of Baskin-Robbins in Every State [MAP]

When brothers-in-law Burton Baskin and Irvine Robbins decided to turn their passion for ice cream into a business, they wanted to stand out from the pack of parlors peddling the same old chocolate and vanilla. So, when they opened the first Baskin-Robbins location in Glendale, Calif., in 1945, the shop featured a dazzling selection of 31 different flavors.

Although dozens of options from classics like Rocky Road to the more out-there Marigold Dreamsicle might induce decision paralysis for guests trying to decide on just one at the counter, this creative approach led the ice cream brand to massive success. Over the company’s 79 years, it’s released over 1,400 flavors, and now Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest specialty ice cream chain. But which state loves it the most?

Unsurprisingly, the company’s home state of California tops the list with 405 locations, with New York and Illinois just behind at 292 and 247 locations, respectively. The company’s headquarters is now located in Massachusetts alongside sister restaurant Dunkin’, but surprisingly, the state has just three Baskin-Robbins shops. Seven states don’t have any Baskin-Robbins at all. (Maybe Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine are a little preoccupied with New England’s beloved Ben & Jerrys?)

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Where does your state stand when it comes to this ice cream giant? Check out the map below to find out.

The Number of Baskin-Robbins in Every State [MAP]

State Number of Baskin-Robbins
California 405
New York 292
Illinois 247
Texas 172
Florida 122
Maryland 81
New Jersey 70
Georgia 65
Tennessee 59
Virginia 51
Michigan 48
North Carolina 47
Mississippi 46
Washington 46
Arizona 38
Arkansas 35
Colorado 30
Missouri 29
Ohio 29
Pennsylvania 29
Indiana 28
Wisconsin 28
Louisiana 26
Oregon 25
New Mexico 24
Nevada 23
Kentucky 22
Hawaii 16
South Carolina 16
Utah 15
Kansas 13
Oklahoma 9
Alabama 8
Minnesota 8
Connecticut 7
Idaho 6
Montana 5
West Virginia 5
Delaware 4
 Nebraska 4
Washington, D.C. 4
Massachusetts 3
Alaska 2
Iowa 2
Wyoming 2
Maine 0
New Hampshire 0
 North Dakota 0
Rhode Island 0
South Dakota 0
Vermont 0

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