We all know Arby’s for its straightforward slogan: “We Have The Meats.” Looking at the national fast food chain’s menu, it’s clear that this jingle rings true, from the sandwiches piled high with half-pounds of roast beef and cheddar to the classic French dip. Founded in Boardman, Ohio, in 1964 by brothers Forrest and Leroy Raffel, Arby’s is now the second-largest sandwich chain in the world with over 3,500 locations in nine countries. But which U.S. state can declare that it actually has the most meats?

It’s no surprise that Ohio is still the restaurant’s No. 1 fan, with a whopping 277 locations scattered across the state. After Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, Texas, and Georgia lead the list, each with over 150 Arby’s franchises.

Bringing up the rear is Hawaii, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, each of which boast only two locations. Rhode Island and Vermont are the only states in the U.S. that Arby’s hasn’t conquered yet (and thus, have zero meats).

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Where does your state stand? Check out the map below to see which states love Arby’s the most.

The Number of Arby’s in Every State [MAP]

State Number of Arby’s
Ohio 277
Michigan 179
Indiana 174
Florida 167
Texas 163
Georgia 154
North Carolina 144
Pennsylvania 140
Tennessee 127
Illinois 126
Kentucky 111
Virginia 108
Alabama 99
Wisconsin 94
South Carolina 93
Oklahoma 90
Missouri 86
California 83
Utah 75
Minnesota 73
Colorado 71
New York 66
Arizona 65
Iowa 58
Kansas 58
Washington 57
Arkansas 48
Maryland 45
Nebraska 45
West Virginia 43
Mississippi 36
Oregon 32
Louisiana 30
New Mexico 26
Nevada 25
Idaho 23
South Dakota 20
Delaware 16
Wyoming 16
New Jersey 13
Montana 12
North Dakota 11
Alaska 9
Connecticut 5
Maine 4
Hawaii 2
Massachusetts 2
New Hampshire 2
Rhode Island 0
Vermont 0

*Image retrieved from billtster via stock.adobe.com