New Year’s resolutions are truly daunting. Many go uncompleted (better yet, untouched) so when making them it’s important to be practical and provide yourself with some incentives along the way. #TreatYoSelf

Of course, what better way to incentivize your goal of saving some cash or actually reading the books for the book club than a splash of booze? After all, it’s dangerous to go it alone. Take these booze pairings in stride and show the world you can beat the stigma surrounding these 2017 capstone goals.

RESOLUTION: Travel The World — PAIRING: Everything Local

This one may seem a bit obvious, but when traveling the world it’s a must to try out some of the local booze culture that surrounds you. When heading abroad you must taste all the wine, sip all the rum, and explore all of the frozen vodka caves you stumble upon. That’s what traveling is all about. Ask around to locate the hot spots or even plan the whole getaway around it. Remember, even if you don’t ~love~ the type of drink featured, make sure to take the tour and learn about the passion of those who create the local libations. Who knows? You may even find a new appreciation for something you previously swore off.

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If you’re like me, you try to hit this resolution every time, only to run right into the metaphorical brick wall of your Visa statement come February. Take one out of the sorority girl handbook and swap your triple-IPA-chocolate-banana-nitro-stout for some vodka with a splash of club soda. Not only are you saving money at the point of purchase (yay for cheap well drinks), you’re also saving calories, which means you can cancel that gym membership you and your friends agreed on at the New Year’s party. Here’s to avoiding “StairMaster Pacts” and not overpaying for an overcrowded gym.


While drinking four glasses of wine one Wednesday isn’t going to give you the cure-all health benefits we wish existed, a little vino can totally beef up your cardiovascular health. After totally kicking major ass in your spin class, head on home and celebrate completely owning the front row with a glass of red. A Barolo will give you the tannic bite (and the alcohol punch) you want after a workout but with a vibrant acidity to keep things interesting.

RESOLUTION: Read More — PAIRING: Absinthe

Just as Alice fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, you are embarking on an adventure to actually read the books on your Amazon wish list. There’s no better way to get in the literary spirit than to dive into a good novel with some sweats on and a coupe glass of green fairy magic. With the light sweetness the anise carries, absinthe is the best post-work-reading-sesh spirit out there. If it was good enough for Hemingway it’s good enough for us.

RESOLUTION: Take On A New Hobby — PAIRING: Tequila

After taking a look at the VinePair crystal ball, it’s time to accept it: Craft tequila culture is on the rise. While this doesn’t mean days of spring break regret will be gone forever (no matter how hard we try), tequila is becoming a big deal here in the States. A new year brings a new reason to try something you’ve never done before so now is the perfect time to hop out of the margarita kiddie pool and take a dip in the deep end of sipping tequilas. Take the time to try a variety of tequilas, not just to find what you like, but also to suss out what’s worth investing in before the rest of your friends catch up.

RESOLUTION: Get Organized — PAIRING: Chenin Blanc

It’s amazing how much clarity you find in the haze of a New Year’s Eve hangover. Everywhere you turn, your life is one big disorganized travesty begging for someone to drop a Pinterest bomb on it. Don’t let a little color-coding get you down because in this battle of the container bins there is only one winner and it’s you. However, believe us when we say label making is such a bore. Spice it up with a light Chenin Blanc that will keep your alignments on point while also taking your taste buds on a tropical getaway.

RESOLUTION: Learn A New Language — PAIRING: Gin

The first time I ever ordered a gin martini at a bar I was criticized for drinking like an old white man. But it’s important to note that there’s more than meets the country club stereotype. Just as you wish to learn a new language this year, gin is a neutral spirit that’s infused with various botanicals to create something completely fresh. The best way to learn a language is to throw yourself right in. And just like speaking French, the more gin you drink, the more you learn to recognize the sexy flavors hidden within each bottle. Doesn’t get more poetic than that.

RESOLUTION: Spend More Time With Family — PAIRING: Single-Barrel Whiskey

Families that drink together stay together. Your family has the same roots, and so should your whiskey. Make family time something to remember with your favorite single-barrel whiskey. Make sure to take the time and close the laptops, put down the iPhones, and throw the smartwatches against the walls so you can actually talk to each other over a dram by the fireplace.