Hard cider is a polarizing beverage. For years now it has been declared to be the next big alcohol trend, but while growth is slowly rising, for the most part cider is still seen by many as simply alcoholic apple juice instead of as a drink to be taken seriously in the same way we appreciate craft beer or fine wine. This is in large part due to the style of cider that is produced by the large brands in the U.S. that control the space and seem to favor the sugary sweet version of cider over the dry and savory style that is much more commonly found in Europe. The result is a beverage that is often only seen as an alternative to beer for those who are gluten-free, instead of something that should be appreciated and enjoyed by all.

To try and convince Adam and Zach that cider can be great, they are joined on this week’s podcast by cider aficionado Erin James, the editor-in-chief of CIDERCRAFT Magazine and author of the book “Tasting Cider.” Erin argues that the world of craft cider is more exciting than ever, and that there truly is a cider out there for everyone. Listen to find out if Adam and Zach are convinced.

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