Few wine regions are as diverse as France’s Loire Valley. With over 61 appellations and 70,000 hectares of vineyards, there is a truly wide variety of wine produced across the four major regions. These red, white, and rosé wines showcase the refreshing character and minerality that the Loire is known for, but each individual expression shines through with its own unique personality.

Come get a taste of the Loire Valley’s regions and the wines that make it great with our Loire Valley map, brought to you by Saget La Perrière.

Map Of The Loire Valley

Pays Nantais

Pays Nantais is known for its Melon de Bourgogne grape, giving us the Muscadet we can’t get enough of. The region sits on the Atlantic coast, so the wines from this region are floral, dry, and have an iconic minerality. Above all, they’re refreshing as can be.

Anjou – Saumur

The Loire Valley is full of Chenin Blanc, but not all are the same. Here in Anjou you’ll find the minerality the Loire is known for, but Chenin Blancs from this part of the region are often fuller-bodied with a slight smokiness on the palate. Anjou is also known for its beautiful sweet wines, such as Coteaux du Layon.

One of the smaller areas of the Loire Valley, Saumur is where you’ll find some of the most diverse (and delicious) expressions of Cabernet Franc. While there definitely are some awesome aged Cabernet Francs coming out of this region, most producers here don’t let the oak do the talking for the wine, allowing the Cabernet Franc shine with its light and peppery notes.


Touraine is pumping out some supremely refreshing red wines and its Gamay is perfect for barbecue season. However, one of the gems of Touraine is the Vouvray appellation, which is truly Chenin Blanc. You can find Chenin Blancs from all walks of life, whether you’re searching for dry, sweet, or sparkling.

Centre Loire

Right in the middle of France you will find the birthplace of Sauvignon Blanc, and many say this is where you’ll find the truest expression of the grape. More importantly, the Centre Loire region is home to Sancerre, one of the most famous wine appellations in the world with some of the most elegant Sauvignon Blancs that will ever grace your palate. The minerality is wonderfully present with vivacious acidity.