A house wine should be a wine the restaurant loves so much, they order large quantities of it, thereby getting a deal on the liquid and passing the savings on to you. House wine isn’t complex wine; it’s simply delicious, everyday wine that should go with the majority of the restaurant’s dishes. Whether or not you should order it all depends on your mood and whether or not you trust the restaurant you’re dining at.

As I mentioned, house wine is simple, drinkable, and pleasing wine. It is not meant to stop you in your tracks to contemplate the glass, but instead to serve as a complement to your meal. If you’re looking for a wine to discuss and study over dinner, the house pour probably isn’t for you.

Again, it is important that you trust the restaurant you’re at. If the wine list looks interesting, the staff is passionate and knowledgeable about the beverages on the menu, and there is as much attention paid to the food in the restaurant, you can be sure they put the same love and care into selecting their house pours. So, don’t shy away from ordering a restaurant’s house wine, just ask a few questions before you do.

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