Here’s Your Drink Pairing for Your September Horoscope

Autumn vibes are in the air! Cooler nights and shorter days lie ahead as the universe continues its perennial journey forward.

Change is upon us, but don’t get swept away with the transition — good things are in store for those willing to adapt. Embrace the shift in seasons and glimpse into your future with VinePair’s September 2018 drinks horoscope.

Aries: Cheap Champagne

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Saturn is doing all kinds of funky stuff this month, Aries. Expect to go from zero to 100 around the third week of the month, when Saturn finally decides to put the pedal to the metal, taking you for a wild ride. Until then, avoid feeling sluggish at work by tapping into your social life. Maintain your mojo with dates, parties, and nights out! A bottle of cheap bubbly should be just the ticket to keep you rocking until the break of dawn.

Taurus: Tom Collins

The harvest moon brings new possibilities into your realm, talented Tauruses. With the equinox comes a unique opportunity to see things from a completely fresh point of view — an exercise that may not always come naturally. Cultivating empathy will prove useful this month, despite the challenge against your nature. A Tom Collins can provide just enough sweet to balance it all.

Gemini: Coffee Porter

Have you been neglecting yourself, gregarious Geminis? Self-care hasn’t been on the top of your priority list lately and it’s starting to show. Don’t let it snowball into a rut — you need a pick-me-up! Perhaps a relaxing bath is in order, or some oil therapy. Whatever confidence booster you feel is best can be amplified with a jolt of java. A tawny, rich coffee porter is just the thing to take the edge off while keeping your buzz humming along.

Cancer: Cosmopolitan

It’s time to get away from the hustle of your daily grind. Plan a solo weekend getaway (preferably before the 23rd, when your finances may take a dip) or even just a night in to #NetflixandChill. Lean into comfort, throw on some sweatpants and order your favorite pizza as you binge-watch old favorites. To class it up just a tad, skip the go-to beer with your ‘za and sip on a ritzy Cosmo instead.

Leo: Tequila

September is poised to be tricky for you, Leos. Once pesky Mercury is out of retrograde in the beginning of the month, you’re more likely to be flush with material goods. But as the weeks march on, carelessness with your newfound windfall could lead you to precipitous calamity. Now’s not the time to rock the boat with garishness; it’s best to stick with tried-and-true classics. Sip on some smooth tequila to foster appreciation for the finer things you’re already #blessed with.

Virgo: Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

Happy birthday month to you latter-half Virgos! Mercury is traveling toward you early in September, giving you a boost of energy and confidence that keeps on rising. Why not channel it into fun? Make your social life and relationships a priority by organizing some quality time with friends. Bring along a bottle of refreshing and light Sauvignon Blanc from Chile to keep things equally carefree.

Libra: Festbier

Festivities are in order, and not just for the birthday month, Libras. Autumn is a time of worldwide celebration for spring and summer’s hard work; now it’s time to roll in the rewards. It’s time for you to seek out what you’ve set aside this year. Maybe it’s that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, maybe it’s a day at the spa. Whatever it is, wash it down with a victorious and fresh festbier to amplify the perk.

Scorpio: Dandelion Wine

As 2018 heads toward its final months, there’s no need to mourn what’s already come to pass. Instead, drink in the last sips of summer surrounded by loved ones. Gaze skyward to absorb the cosmos’ energy, and use it to propel yourself forward in your personal and professional relationships, especially in the first half of September. Enjoy the Earth’s nurturing care by crafting your own sacred smudge wand of herbs and flora, followed up with a glass of dandelion wine.

Sagittarius: Honey Liqueur

Jupiter’s got you spinning this September, but that’s not a bad thing for you, assertive Sagittarians. Its forward momentum means you’ve got the universe backing you up, allowing you to dominate situations where you’ve been passive in the past. But don’t let this power go to your head! Keep things sweet with a dram of honey liqueur. Its syrupy palate is the perfect antidote to any potential prickliness.

Capricorn: Sazerac

The new moon on the 9th doesn’t have to throw you into chaotic darkness, Capricorns. View it as an opportunity to shut out distractions and look inward. This month is an auspicious time to rely on your head, not your heart in order to resolve problems as they arise. (It’ll work out favorably.) A bookish Sazerac is a clever way to temper emotions with intellect for best results.

Aquarius: Berliner Weisse

It’s the ideal time of year for you artistically inclined Aquarians to harness the universe’s energy and create something sublime. Be open to unexpected gifts and use them wisely. Look to shed emotional baggage and embrace the new by the end of the month. (A psychic boost from a hunk of Labradorite could lend a helping hand.) A surprisingly tart, refreshing Berliner Weisse will provide the perfect backdrop for the whole new you.

Pisces: Spanish Rioja

Breathe in and out with gusto this September, gentle Pisces. It’s a season of new beginnings and a wonderful opportunity for you to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature. Start planning a picnic with a beloved friend — or two — around the 7th to coincide with Neptune at opposition. Pack some snacks and pop a bottle of luscious Spanish Rioja to achieve true serenity (and divine flavor).