Here’s Your Drink Pairing for Your May Horoscope

Taurus – Lambrusco

Here is your Taurus pairing for your May Horoscope

It’s about to get a bit crazy, Taurus. You’re about to have a lot on your plate and then other plates stacked on that plate with stuff on them, too. WHOA! It’s cool cuz this plethora of plates is filled with good vibes. Thing is, lovely Venus is in your decan, but in a stress position. If you keep it like a yoga pose this month, you’ll get everything done. Get too stressed out on one thing and you could have a domino effect of negative mojo leaving you hoping for a do-over. So zen out, keep calm, stay focused, and you’ll come out on top. Keep calm with a crisp and refreshing Lambrusco. This Italian fizzy red wine is low in alcohol and versatile with any meal. The small bubbles will keep you lively, the low alcohol will keep you focused, and the round slightly sweet fruit will keep you happy.

Gemini – Champagne

Here is your Gemini pairing for your May Horoscope

This month you are on a listening tour. All the information and secrets you need to achieve upcoming prospects are in the minds of those around you. Go out, be social, ask questions, and get the answers you need. You are anchored by Saturn this month, so be the rising tide that lifts all ships, feel me? And in that fleet of ships is a potential partnership that can last a lifetime in personal or business goals. So grab a bubbly, any bubbly, really, and pour yourself a glass. Sit back, and as the fizz dies down a bit before you take a sip, put your ear up to that glass and listen to all those little bubbles whispering to you. Those are the voices of reason. I know that’s a bit deep but you’ll thank us for it.

Cancer – Gamay

Here is your Cancer pairing for your May Horoscope

The sun is pulling on Uranus and that’s the way life goes, isn’t it? Like Jay Z says, “Get that dirt off your shoulder.” What I am saying is your love life is on point and your job is legit. But in the professional space this month there will be some surprising friction toward you. It will probably not be your fault; your confidence could make you a target. But it’s all good because you have your loved ones to rely on during this trying work month. So just zen out and ramp up the quality time with your boo. Share a bottle of chilled red wine on these warmer and warmer nights. A nice, slightly chilled bottle of red wine made from the Gamay grape will do just fine. Soft depth with vibrant fruit and notes of cranberry and hints of violets will hold up to the chill and get better as it comes to room temperature.

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Leo – Mezcal

Here is your Leo pairing for your May Horoscope

What’s up, Master Yoda? Yeah, that’s right, you love to learn, and over the years you have gathered a wealth of knowledge. Now it is time to be the mentor. Cool, right? With wise Pluto in decan and the Super Moon on the rise, people may seek you out for your advice and knowledge. We would say don’t get a big head about it but you already know that because you’re a Leo and you have the humility of a Jedi. So get ready to hold counsel. And while you’re holding counsel you might as well offer your Padawans a drink. Drink the tea of the spirit world — mezcal. Sipping on a dram of this thought-provoking roasted nectar of agave will give you the bonding vibes needed to show the path. May the Force be with you.

Virgo – Burgundy

Here is your Virgo pairing for your May Horoscope

The sun and Venus are in your sign in May, and while Gemini is doing a lot of listening and Leo is doing some teaching, you have done enough of all that. This month is all about Team You. Like Iggy Azalea says, “Baby, I got my only friend, by me playing on my team.” It’s time to take a deep dive into lake you in the next few weeks. Go to a spa, cancel a date, marathon Gilmore Girls. The sun is bright and Venus is love so treat yourself. Don’t worry — your friends will still be there when you’re done. Speaking of treating yourself, go grab a nice bottle of red Burgundy. Hit up a wine shop and have the wine merchant walk you through what they have. Take a chance on a recommendation, which might be hard for you, and just celebrate you.

Libra – Muscadet

Here is your Libra pairing for your May Horoscope

What just happened? Why do you feel all 500 Days of Summer up in this May? Well, I’ll tell you, Libra. Venus is being pulled into your sign by the oncoming Super Moon and you’re about to be singing along to “Crash Into Me” and you don’t even like Dave Matthews. Love will do that to ya. Grab your siggy (significant other) a bottle of Muscadet or five and a couple dozen oysters. Sip the clean, crisp minerality and slight lemon notes of this Atlantic-influenced French white wine with the pearls of the sea and enjoy the sunset and each other. AW!

Scorpio – Sauvignon Blanc

Here is your Scorpio pairing for your May Horoscope

O.K., it’s time to focus and you need a montage. Whatever you have been thinking about accomplishing, this is the month to get started. New fitness program? New relationship? New work project? The Super Moon this month is pulling on Venus but just enough that your passion will lean more toward getting things done than falling in love. Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to fall in love. So as you start getting your tools ready for your montage of May success, grab a bottle of crisp, vibrant, and head-clearing Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre. It’s lean and mineral-driven and flinty and alive with hints of gooseberry. O.K., get to work!

Sagittarius – Box Wine

Here's your Sagittarius drink pairing for your May Horoscope

What’s up there, Ranger Rick? Always the outdoors-y type, this is the month to actually get out there and do it. Whether it’s rollerblading, hiking, camping, or getting to the beach, this is your month in the sun, literally. Or actually under the moon. Mercury could cause a bit of stress in May for you, Archer, but that Super Moon on the horizon will give you some positive vibes. So get out there and bring some friends. Maybe it’s time for some glamping. Buy a big ol’ box wine of red, white, and rosé and go find a cabin in the woods. Light a fire, sip wine, and dance under the super moon with your besties like a maenad.

Capricorn – Rye Whiskey

Here is your Capricorn pairing for your May Horoscope

You’re stubborn and we love you for it. It’s how you got as far as you have. Ruled by Saturn, you can’t help but be a little frustrated for that big deal you have been waiting for. The Sage of Gainesville Tom Petty says waiting is the hardest part, and he is definitely on to something. Thing is, you have worked hard and you will be rewarded. The payoff is coming; just be a bit more patient. Sit tight and calm yourself with a deep, soulful bottle of rye whiskey. Not as sharp as bourbon, but it can be contemplative in times of anticipation. Maybe put on some Tom Petty as well; he can be calming, too.

Aquarius – Non-Vintage Champagne

Here's your Aquarius drink pairing for your May Horoscope

The Sun is moving into your sign this month and you are shining bright with ideas. Some of these ideas might just be ahead of their time. But that is awesome. Share these ideas with the people you trust to gain insight on how to move forward. Just beware because Mercury is edging in and there may some nefarious mojo working behind the scenes. Protect ya neck as they say in Shaolin but move ahead because this could be a big money month for you. Get ready to celebrate with the trustworthy cabal that will help you get where you need to go with a bottle or two of non-vintage Champagne. It’s celebratory and won’t break the bank but you’ll be able to afford it.

Pisces – Rosé

Here is your Pices pairing for your May Horoscope

The sun and Venus are making you starry-eyed and giving you wacky dreams. You are also about to be tempted to download Tinder… again. Go ahead! Venus is giving you the mojo you need to get out there and meet people because that’s what you’ll be doing this month. You will have an unavoidable need for romance either for right now or the long haul. Have fun and drink a lot of rosé. Why? Because it’s spring and this is the season of love and rosé! Pink like hearts, crisp and round like love! Share bottles with the people you meet. Bring rosé to a party and be the one who did.

Aries – French Connection

Here is your Aries pairing for your May Horoscope

You’ve put in work. Now all you do is “Win win win no matter what” like T-Pain via DJ Khaled. In fact, put that song on your gym playlist because with all the winning you’ll be doing this month you’ll need to keep your energy up. Up for a promotion? You’re gonna get it. Wondering if that googly-eyed attractive barista you buy coffee from every morning is interested in a rom-com montage? They are. The Super Moon this month will leave feeling damn super so enjoy the celebrations this month — you deserve it! But make sure to get some sleep so you can hang as you fill up your calendar. Reward yourself with a nightcap before bed in form of a French Connection. All you need is a bottle of Cognac and a good amaretto. Then it’s rocks glass, ice, and a dose of each. Stir, sip, and reflect. Maybe share one with your barista, you crazy Aires, you.