December has arrived! It’s the most wonderfully festive (and hectic) time of the year. As the holiday party season kicks into full swing, raised glasses and calendars are happily bubbling over. Curious to know what the coming month has in store for you? VinePair’s December 2017 horoscope with helpful drinking pairings is here.

Aries: Hot Toddy

AriesCarly Simon comes to mind this month for you, dear Aries. For a few years now Saturn, the father of the rivers, has been moving in and out of your 9th house, helping you focus on learning and mind expansion. Well, it’s time to get to work — and you are ready! Saturn is slipping into the 10th house of work and professional accomplishments and it’s time to “let the river run.” December could mean a career shift for you with higher demands and responsibilities. Saturn is often indicative of long-term goals and with his help you are set up for success. So listen to the cosmos and let it guide you in your daily work life, and then come home and cozy up to a hot toddy right before sundown so you can get a good night’s rest. Because tomorrow you will rule the world! Cue the chorus.

Taurus: Session Beer

TaurusThe majority of the planets will be in the upper half of your chart this month. That’s a lot of strength! Even better? The moon will be positioned in your lower hemisphere. I know, you’re stoked, I can tell. This means you will be able to channel more of your hard-earned positive energy on your professional and social life, and let your personal life glide on cruise control. You have been working on you emotional balance for months to great success. Now take that good mojo and apply it to outward causes. You’ll be doing a lot of going out in December, you big bull you, so keep focused but have fun with low-alcohol session beers. This way you can have a drink in your hand during an entire networking session and not lose a beat.

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Gemini: Mimosas

GeminiHey, skipper. Is that a strut in your step? It seems like you’re walking around with “The Love Boat” theme emitting from every layer of your aura. Speaking of “Love, it’s exciting and new,” a lot of planets have transitioned into the upper half of your chart, and there are quite a few transiting through your 7th house month. The 7th house of love and partnerships, that is. So, “come aboard, we’ve been expecting you.” Get out there and mingle and have some fun. This is your month to meet that special someone and find “love, it’s the sweetest reward.” Who knows what is going to happen? So make sure your fridge is stocked with freshly squeezed OJ and some Prosecco for Mimosas and “Let it flow. It floats back to you.”

Cancer: Rye

CancerMost of the planetary power is in the western sector of your chart this month. You are the master of your universe this month as Venus enters your 6th house of daily routine and personal responsibilities. It’s time to DIY your ass off! Have you been meaning to make a change in your home? New breakfast bar? New color scheme for the dining room? Have you been watching too much “Rehab Addict” and want to channel your inner Nicole Curtis? O.K., that might be crazy. But hey! This is the month to do it. So get that pencil and legal pad out, start sketching out some specs and get to work! When you are all done and want to gaze upon your HGTV accomplishments sit back with a nice dram of neat rye whiskey and let the warmth of the rye calm you and take it all in.

Leo: Does a Bear…? Cocktail

December is going to be good to you this year, dear Lion. The planets are straight-up chillin’ and hanging loose, transiting in the middle of your chart this month. Even better news is most of them are transiting your 5th and 6th houses, so you’ll be nice and focused on having fun, but will still be able to take care of daily responsibilities. This is ideal! Can you have fun while still imbibing and not get sidetracked? Does a bear…? Well, you know what I mean. And actually that’s the name of your drink this month. Stay focused while still having fun with the low-alcohol Does a Bear…? cocktail. It’s a bit involved but Saturn is in your 5th house of work so you can make it happen.

Virgo: Scotch Whisky

VirgoWere you like Will in “Stranger Things” and had your own version of Castle Byers when you were growing up? A fortress of solitude where you could be yourself and collect your thoughts? Well, this month with loving Venus slipping into your 4th house of home and family, you might want to find your own adult-sized treehouse. Don’t worry, though, it’s not like you’re looking to get away from the world. It’s just that in December you’ll be all about comfort and cozy environments. Maybe your comfy place is your living room couch. Maybe it’s the fire escape at sunset. Wherever it is, as you move through this month, your financial and professional selves are whirring along just fine and you get to find some time to yourself. Cozy up to a nice tumbler of neat Scotch whisky. No ice. This drink is comforting and warming, just like you in a glass.

Libra: Beaujolais

LibraLibra, you’re crazy. Crazy cool, that is. Ever feel like when you are talking it’s almost like you’re speaking in tongues hoping everyone understands you? Well, this month with Venus in your 3rd house of communication you won’t have to worry! You have always been a talker and often feel comfortable in social settings, but this month you’ll be the great communicator. Whether it’s mediating conflict, giving wanted advice or organizing an event you will come across as the one in charge. So go out and get a bottle of Beaujolais to pair with your outgoing demeanor. It is soft and vibrant with notes of raspberries and violets that awaken the senses and keep people trained on your words.

Scorpio: Cognac

ScorpioIf money is a gas like Pink Floyd says then you huffin’! Venus is moving into your money house in December… And here’s the kicker. The ruler of love and beauty is here to balance you out. So with all the financial success you gain this month you will feel a keen sense of control over your spending. You almost don’t even have to think about it. So splurge a little knowing that moderation is in the stars. Reward yourself with a nice expensive bottle of Cognac. A little goes a long way and the soft dram of fruity notes with hints of caramel here and there with good friends or a nightcap will help you appreciate your accomplishments.

Sagittarius: Vintage Champagne

Vintage ChampagneYou’re in for one hell of a birthday month, Sagy! There are several planets in the center of your chart with the sun shining from your 2nd house of health and happiness. You will experience one of your healthiest months of the year. Did you finally take the plunge and sign up for spin classes? Is your ashtanga guru telling you you’re ready to graduate from firefly pose to full-on advanced Tittibhasana? Well good for you! You look great! You will receive a lot of attention from others and likely make some potential romantic connections so get your “D’ya think I’m sexy” on like Rod Stewart, treat yourself to a birthday bottle of vintage Champagne, and celebrate you!

Capricorn: High-End Bourbon

CapricornYou are such a Capricorn, dear Capricorn. You are hard on yourself and expect the world from your inner skills. You have a big heart with a lot of love to give, and you enjoy sharing that love with a select group of friends. Sure you’re a social being, but nothing is more satisfying than hanging with your crew. Well this is your month to be your sign in full force. The planetary concentration is at the most eastern position in your chart this month, which symbolizes identity and independence. Lovely Venus is moving into your 12th house, letting you focus and reflect on your future. This is a month to spend quality time with loved ones or good friends, and to use these moments as cosmic therapy. I know this sounds a bit Debbie Downer but it’s not. Your professional and financial life is on point and everything is going as planned. But you’re a Capricorn! So you’re excited to have the time to sit back with a nice, high-end bourbon to share with those closest to you and get down to existential business.

Aquarius: Wine Spritzer

AquariusIt’s time for “The Sexy Getting Ready Song” from season one of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”! Venus is transiting into your 12th house of friendships and she’ll be here all month! December is all about socializing. You will be going out a lot and that special someone might be in one of those bustling crowds. You love being around others, and they around you. With Mercury in retrograde, just make sure you are open to the friend zone as well because not every connection is always romantic … at first. Have yourself a wine spritzer to keep you energized while you jam out to your getting-ready playlist. Grab whatever white wine you have in the fridge and blend with a splash of club soda and some orange bitters and the night is yours!

Pisces: Old Vine Zinfandel

PiscesGet out the daily planner because Venus is your 10th house of career and professional accomplishments for most of the month! December is all about networking and finding opportunities in your field. You’re the new energy your bosses and superiors need to move a project forward, and you will have a chance to get that needed face-to-face moment to seal the deal. With Jupiter and Neptune in your 1st and 5th houses, respectively, you will have all the confidence you need to make your version of the Catalina Wine Mixer happen. Focus on crowd-pleasing wine and go for Old Vine Zinfandel for your event. It’s oaky enough to please the more conservative palates, while still having that nice line of acidity to not overpower the more refined palates. You got this!