The Definitive Guide to Pairing Chianti Classico With Popular Mexican Food: INFOGRAPHIC

Italian wine with Mexican food? Si! With several cultural similarities (including the love of food and family) and a common Latin origin to the languages, why not bring a little la bella vita to your next fiesta?

The perfectly pairable Chianti Classico, with bright acidity and variety of flavor profiles from the Sangiovese grape, can easily reach beyond Italian food and plays well with many international cuisines. Lamole di Lamole Chianti Classico, grown at some of the highest elevations in the region, offers bright, cherry-driven flavors, hints of earth and minerals, and has an extraordinary depth and richness (without being heavy). Go south of the border with these exciting Mexican food pairings, and discover the flexibility of this Tuscan gem. Sangiovese — it’s not just for pasta anymore!

This article is sponsored by Lamole di Lamole.

 Lamole di Lamole