Give the Gift of Always-Chilled Wine or Bubbly with Vinglacé

When it comes to celebrations, opening a chilled bottle of wine or bubbly is as essential as a well-curated playlist and sparkling party decor. From weddings to holiday fêtes, the sound of a cork popping and glasses clinking symbolizes a joyous moment when people are gathered together. But what happens after the wine is opened, and the Champagne poured?

For many of us, our glasses of Prosecco are left to wilt and warm as the party unwinds into the night; someone forgets to put a bottle in the fridge and guests are stuck sipping room-temperature white wine. Like a slow song in the middle of a dance playlist, the bright mood is dimmed just a bit.

Enter Vinglacé, a first-of-its-kind wine and Champagne chiller that elevates your sipping experience long after the bottle has been opened.

Elevate Your Celebration

It’s no secret that enjoying wine out of a glass enhances the experience, allowing the aroma to intensify and therefore inform the flavor. And for many wines, from Sauvignon Blanc to Gamay, the flavors are best showcased at cooler temperatures, something that can be hard to maintain once you’ve poured a glass.

Here at VinePair, we’re serious about enjoying our wine, and that’s why Vinglacé is our first choice when it comes to enhancing the sipping experience. With Vinglacé, you’ll never have to worry about lukewarm liquids again. Each glass and bottle chiller features a vacuum-sealed stainless-steel outer layer to help maintain the perfect cool temperature. Better yet, unlike many traditional wine-chilling glasses, Vinglacé features a dishwasher-safe glass insert — that means no metallic taste or scent interfering with your wine’s flavor and easy cleanup.

If you’re dining al fresco or simply looking to minimize trips to the kitchen, the Vinglacé wine chiller should serve as your table’s centerpiece. Sleekly designed and available in a variety of colors, it’s the perfect companion for a day spent with the best people in your life. Not only is it beautifully designed, but it also keeps your bottle cool for hours without any annoying condensation. (That’s a win for us!) And, if you prefer to stay on the move, from picnic to happy hour and beyond, transport your bottle and chiller in a chic tote meticulously designed to accommodate your Vinglacé.

A Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers

The next time you RSVP “yes” to a dinner or holiday party, don’t show up empty-handed. Instead, opt for a present that keeps on giving: the Vinglacé Gift Set. The set includes a wine bottle holder as well as two glass-lined wine tumblers and comes in a variety of colors, including rose gold, navy, copper, white, and more.

If you want to secure your next party invitation well in advance, we recommend bringing a bottle of bubbly along as well. Impress your hosts with Vinglacé’s ability to keep the Champagne cool and crisp. No, it’s not magic — but it sure seems like it.

And to cement your status as an incredible gift giver (‘tis the season after all), consider taking advantage of Vinglacé’s customizable laser engraving. Available for both the wine bottle chillers and wine tumblers, add a personal message for the wine lover in your life. If that’s not enough, consider sharing a recipe for your favorite sangria or sparkling punch alongside a fabulous cutting board and wine opener.

As you’re filling out your social calendar this season, consider adding Vinglacé to the VIP list. Both thoughtful and practical, revolutionary and beautifully crafted, the brand’s gift set and tumblers take any drinking experience to the next level.

It’s one thing to give a bottle of wine — it’s another to give Vinglacé.

This article is sponsored by Vinglacé.