FCO-Wine: 3 Wine Regions Within Reach of Rome’s Airport

When dreaming of wine-fueled getaways to Italy, Tuscany or Piedmont are generally the first options that come to mind. But Rome boasts the title of the country’s second-largest airport, leading most Italy-bound passengers to end up in the Eternal City. Rome is actually pretty close to a bunch of other under-the-radar wine regions. Next time you find yourself Colosseum-bound, check out one of the three wine regions below for a once-in-a-lifetime wine-sipping experience


Umbria is one of the greatest wine escapes from Rome Fiumicino's airport

Deemed “the next Tuscany,” Umbria is certainly a region not to be missed. Head to Orvieto, the region’s largest city, in just an hour and a half from Rome. Orvieto’s medieval, hilltop charm is not only breathtaking and rich in history; the city is completely surrounded by steep slopes of vines. Sip on the region’s signature Sagrantino-based reds, as well as Grechetto- and Trebbiano-based whites.


Abruzzo is one of the greatest wine escapes from Rome Fiumicino's airport

Abruzzo is slightly farther than Umbria, but the two-hour car ride is definitely worth it. Not only will you traverse the entire length of Italy along the way, but you’ll also end up on the stunning Adriatic coast. Sip on easy-drinking reds made from the Montepulciano grape (not to be confused with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano) or crisp, easy-drinking whites made from Trebbiano. Seaside sipping (with an Italian twist) never looked so good.

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Lazio is one of the greatest wine escapes from Rome Fiumicino's airport

Believe it or not, you don’t even need to leave Lazio to have a wine-fueled getaway from Rome. What makes this region super unique is the fact that most of the wine produced here doesn’t leave the region, making a trip to this area the absolute best way to get to know these nichey bottles. The majority of wines made here are white, specifically from Trebbiano and Malvasia. They pair beautifully with sipping among friends beside the Trevi Fountain.