Originally from Venezuela, the charismatic Ezra Star did not set out to work in the beverage industry. She had been studying biochemistry and planned to become a doctor before realizing how passionate she was about hospitality. She worked her way up from bar back to general manager at Drink, Boston’s award-winning cocktail destination. In 2015, she was named StarChefs’ “Rising Star” and Food & Wine’s “Best New Mixologist.” Two years later, she was nominated for “American Bartender of the Year” at the 2017 Spirited Awards.

We asked this talented drinks professional how she really feels about Long Island Iced Teas, why the Manhattan “will never die,” and more.

1. What’s your desert-island drink?

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Desert-island drink is and probably always will be a Blanche Calvados Mojito.

2. What’s the first drink you bought when you turned 21?

The first drink I bought when I turned 21 was a Long Island Iced Tea at an Applebee’s. I think it was actually 4 LIITs; I went solo for lunch and could barely walk home after.

3. FMK three cocktails: Negroni, Margarita, Manhattan?

F the Negroni, because if you’re going to have sex let it be smooth and a little bitter. M the Margarita, because everyone wants a sassy Latina. K the Manhattan, because no matter what you do the Manhattan will never die and I’d love a chance to kill it.

4. You’re on death row. What’s your final drink?

First of all, I didn’t do it, I swear, it was an accident… but since I have to face my fate: My last drink would be a gin Martini as made by my friends at the Connaught bar in London, either from Ago Perrone or Giorgio Bargiani. I dream about those Martinis. If I have to go, I want one more good story and a beautiful show before I’m gone.

5. You can only drink at one bar for the rest of your life. What is it?

Only one bar the rest of my life? That’s a hard one, I would say Bar Benfiddich in Tokyo. I love that place. I could and have sat for hours in front of Hiroyasu Kayama, who is not only one of the world’s greatest hospitalitarians, but also an incredible drink maker.

6. What’s the best and worst bottle on your shelf?

At Drink we have do not have a bad bottle, however at home I have a few. I think the worst one is a very disgusting hay distillate sent to me by a friend from Austria. The thing is seriously one of the worst things I’ve ever had, I called him to see if it was a joke… nope. Best bottle is the bottle of 2005 Armagnac from Château Arton, one of the best spirits I have ever tasted! I had two for a while, but now I’m down to just about a half a bottle. Saving it for a special occasion.

7. What cocktail will you never order again?

Long Island Iced Tea. See above.