What You Should Be Drinking This Weekend - November 18-20

This weekend, we’re taking it easy. Wait, wait, wait — by NO means are we forgoing our weekend alcohol consumption. God no. We’re simply lightening the load in gearing up for good ole Turkey Day on Thursday. Not only is Thanksgiving the biggest eating and drinking day of the year, it’s also the official kickoff of the holiday season that your midline dreads: six solid weeks of all things consumable. Get ready for nothing but food and booze until the arrival of 2017, when those resolutions begin to kick in. While our hearts and stomachs are happy, our form-fitting jeans and hangover headaches are not. So, in preparation of the gluttony to come, this weekend we’re easing up on alcohol (and calories!) with the classiest beverage of them all: a simple flute of Prosecco.

Prosecco is our go-to Italian sparkler for all of our simple bubbly needs. It’s easy to find, affordable and appropriate for just about any sparkling situation. Prosecco comes from the Veneto region of Italy and is made from the Glera grape. The wine can be spumante, frizzante or tranquilo, with the first of the group providing the biggest bubbles. The largest difference between Prosecco and Champagne is how it’s made; while Champagne uses different grape varietals and undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle, Prosecco is produced by the Charmat method, acquiring its effervescence in large, pressurized tanks. This creates the fruit-forward, crisp Prosecco palate that we love, best enjoyed in its youth. Unlike Champagne, Prosecco will become stale with time and should be consumed young; aging Prosecco will not benefit the bottle whatsoever. What we’re basically saying is — bottoms up!

What better way to cheers our way into the holiday season? Grab a glass of your favorite Prosecco and share a saluti with friends this weekend.

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