Here’s Your Drink Pairing for Your September Horoscope

Hello, September! Perhaps you’re among those ambitious self-starters eyeing neatly folded wool sweaters in dresser drawers, eagerly awaiting the unofficial start of fall. Or maybe you’d like to resist the seasonal shift for now, and plan to stick with your flip-flops, shorts, and cold beers in the sun for as long as weather patterns will allow. Your September pairings are here to help with the transition, no matter where you stand, sit, and sip.

Aries: Red Bordeaux


I am reminded of a lead singer in a rock band who gets so enthralled with the crowd they run and jump into the mass of cheering fans only to be carried safely around while still singing and brought safely back to the stage. In June, your life experience was like a house of cards. To obtain balance you needed to be careful and calculating. Now you are on stage and in complete control, you rock god you. You are supported by your band members, friends and lovers, and your key patron Mars is in the sound booth giving those good-good levels. Watch out, though, stay focused on your envisioned plan, and don’t stray. Venus is in a negative position in the wings and ready to shut the lights off if you don’t rely on some support who will seamlessly come to your aid when you are lacking that one minor thing to get you to your goal. In June I recommended a red Bordeaux to understand balance. Well, go grab another one! Now you get to relish in the balance and free flow like Eddie Vedder hooting all the way to the bank.

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Taurus: Scotch Whisky

TaurusNot many things scream potential like the opening scene of “Working Girl.” The pounding triumph of Carly Simon’s voice backed by a buoyant chorus. The camera panning over the Hudson careening toward the Staten Island Ferry as Melanie Griffith’s Tess McGill embarks on a journey. This is you in September, dear Taurus. This month is FILLED with potential. Keep your eyes on the prize. In September you need to be careful to direct your resources in the most important directions to achieve that cosmic corner office. The heavenly leader of your sign is the sun, your heavenly Jack Trainer (so dreamy), helping you through difficult situations that arise. But be careful not to turn into a Katherine Parker and remember the reason you are moving forward to your goals. Feel all your feelings and don’t let negatively positioned Venus get in your way. A good 12-year Scotch will help you feel those feelings. The soft balance and weight of the whisky with those soothing caramel and peaty aromas will help you “Let the river run.” And, “Let all the dreamers,” that’s you, “Wake the Nation.”


Gemini: Sloe Gin Fizz


The heavenly belt is your hammock and you are straight-up chillin’ like the air sign that you are. And that star-woven hammock is supported by two mighty oaks in the form of your current celestial leader, the sun and your sign’s primary helper, stoic Saturn. Basically, Gemini, you are entering into a very stable stage of your life in September. All you really have to do is continue strengthening the position you are in now, whether it be in love or career, and watch as unhurried new opportunities stroll toward you. The only way things could go wrong for you this month is you do ABSOLUTELY nothing. So keep your pace but don’t worry about overdoing it. Let things happen naturally. Venus is having a bad month and messing with many of the signs’ mojos, so don’t get too carried away and flaunt your chill or she will try to cut that hammock down. Keep it chill and loose with a Sloe Gin Fizz. Just grab some good gin, fresh lemon juice, gomme syrup, and soda water. Shake all ingredients with ice cubes, except soda water. Pour into glass. Top with soda water and cold max relax.

Cancer: NV Champers


The swell of the moon, your primary patron, is gazing upon you favorably this month, dear Cancer. This will result in a confluence of circumstances that will culminate to a new achievement. Not in love but in your professional life. The soft glow of the moon on your month lets me know that your love life is in a peaceful place and that is a good thing because you about to do work — frantically. Allow yourself to go crazy on this new project knowing that when you text apologizing for late work hours your boo will emoji that everything is cool. You’re about to get a nice chunk of change in your pocket this month; you’re taking things to the next level. New job? Finally using that engagement ring that’s been hiding in your underwear drawer for months? Speaking of confluence, although it will take a lot this month to make mistakes, the lord of the rivers, Saturn, is in a negative alignment, so work hard but don’t burn yourself out or he will help you slip up. You got this. Grab yourself a non-vintage Champagne. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg so you can ball out on that engagement dinner. Pop bubbs when they say yes. They will.

Leo: Vinho Verde


Get ready to give that Uber app a workout. You going out this month. A lot. September is going to be all about balancing your social life with your professional life. And all of that balancing is going to be at events. The challenge for you will be giving equal time. Both social and personal responsibilities require organization to set you up for something big in the future. The stars aren’t talking and could be in either sphere. Although you are supported by the combined strength of the Sun and Pluto, skipping through the cosmos hand in hand, big ol’ Uranus is negatively aligned but won’t move into your fun space unless you let your ego get the best of you. So keep lighthearted and answer your texts as soon as you can. Get those shirts pressed and polish those dancing shoes; it’s time to get ready like a “Footloose” montage. Put on some music and pour yourself a glass of crisp and fizzy, low-alcohol Vinho Verde from the Minho region of Portugal while you’re getting ready to give you the energy you need to drop the mic.

Virgo: Single-Vineyard Red


I know ambiguity is not a word you like to hear, but this will be your challenge this month, dear Virgo. And because of this cosmic uncertainty I am not too sure what is to come in September other than if you want it all to work out you need to be yourself and act originally. Act naturally and focus on yourself. Outlying forces are key to taking you down a notch, as your patron planet, Mercury, is a bit awry right now but you have allies in the moon and Neptune to keep your cool as you just be yourself. Let’s talk next month and see where you’re at. Stay the course and keep that inner focus with a single-vineyard red wine. It can be from anywhere as long all the grapes came from one place. Winemakers often have a favorite vineyard site and will make a wine solely from the fruit of that site to focus the quality of that sense of place. Be a single vineyard and, just like Ryan Reynolds’ mom in “Just Friends” sang, “Be yourself.”

Libra: Valtellina


Some wine regions of the world are positioned on very steep cliffs. This is great for the grapes as they burrow their roots deep in the soil and soak up the sun at high elevations. It is not so great for humans. Grape harvests require persistence, but in these areas of the world, with the danger of compromising terrain and great heights, they also require care. Imagine yourself a grape picker at one of these harvests this month. Your celestial benefactors Venus and Saturn will keep you focused and calm, but the real work will have to come from you. In September, the heavens are only there to give off a balanced energy to be perceived. You will have some hurdles this month but, like the balancing scale that you are, you will be able to turn the most unfavorable external circumstances to your favor or at least get around them. Understand the balance of nature by drinking a wine from one of these precarious wine regions. Grab yourself a Valtellina from the mountainous region of Lombardia in northern Italy made from the Nebbiolo grape. The wine is balanced and as powerful as your will is to keep things centered.

Scorpio: Campfire Sling Cocktail


In this first month of autumn you should feel cozy and confident that you are going to have one hell of a month! Your primary celestial patron, Mars, is back in sector, and the moon, which you Scorpios have an on-and-off relationship with, is going to be playing on your side. It’s like all three of you are in a moon bounce, see what I did there, and just having the time of your lives. So keep bouncing and laughing because in September all external factors should unfold in your favor. Sure, not everything is always roses but your difficult situations this month will be at a minimum. Act as provocatively as you wish and watch as the next few weeks get more and more fun. In true autumnal spirit, you’re a comfy as a fireside camper this month, so make yourself a Campfire Sling created by Kevin Felker of the Water Grill in Los Angeles. It’s a little complicated but hey, you’re having a great month!

  • 2 ounces rye whiskey (Felker uses 100-proof rye, such as Rittenhouse)
  • ¼ ounce pure maple syrup
  • 3 dashes chocolate bitters
  • Combine all ingredients in an old fashioned glass with a large piece of ice.
  • Stir and garnish with a flamed orange twist.

Sagittarius: Stout Beer


You have a lot of work to do in September, dear archer. It’s gonna get a bit crazy, but know that when you are done you will really be done. This is the month of successful completion of any current projects and tasks. You will have to do the lion’s share of the work but that is a good thing to ensure that it is done right. You have only one planet in sight this month: triumphant Jupiter, and he is on your side. Plus you’re a Sagittarius. Your natural work ethic is on point. Although you and Jupiter are keeping it cool, Venus and Mercury are lurking off to the sides and negatively aligned, so stay sharp. Don’t take big risks in the throes of work fervor. Keep an eye on your stress levels and remember to breathe. When all’s said and done, lean back and sip cold, deep, robust, and satisfying stout beer. It’s like a meal in a glass; you deserve every sip.

Capricorn: Mezcal


Plan to be briefly shocked, Cappy. You are ruled by Saturn and he is in your corner this month. But to make things a bit easier and bring some unique chances your way, he is partnered up with fiery Mars to aid in good fortune. You basically have to brace for impact of positive potential. But don’t slack off thinking it will all fall into place externally. You know this because you’re adorably stubborn, but Mercury is not in a good place in September and the lord of the trade routes could throw you off your game. So stay focused and know that you will have to create your own motivation while staying introspective. Don’t trust risky ventures, err on the side of caution in love and career in the coming weeks, and I’ll see you in October with what the stars are hinting at as good news. Stay calm and collected with the almost spiritual nature of mezcal. The earthy, smoky aromas of this roasted agave spirit are live yoga for the bloodstream and will keep you on the right path.

Aquarius: Prosecco


You will be successful and productive this month. Cool, right? Well, life is never that easy. Just ask any of Bruce Willis’s characters, and although you have hard-working Saturn on your side, Mercury is not in the best position and is warning you that the success will only come with most decisions and responsibility resting directly on your shoulders. This is a month to take on old projects that were once thought not to work. Bring back a classic and know that if you keep on it, make strategic decisions, and don’t get caught up in complaining too much about the daily operations, Mercury will pass by into October without so much as a whisper in your ear. So get enough sleep, add an extra day at the gym each week and stay bubbly at those social engagements allowing you to command attention and control the conversations. Speaking of bubbly, stay clear with low-alcohol, bright and vibrant Prosecco. It will give you a pep in your step, won’t bog you down with inebriation to land those social, work related deals and make you do a happy dance like Joe Hallenbeck in the “ Last Boy Scout.”

Pisces: Beaujolais


In the first 10-day period of September, you will see absolute success! High-fives all around, Pisces. When I say high-fives I am being congratulatory but also hinting at the work you need to do this month. Your cosmic responsibility in the next few weeks is to take your success and raise it across the board. Yes, you are the leader of the pack over the next few weeks, but your success is only available when you help others in this same zone. Although you are a natural leader and don’t need to expend exceptional effort in this regard, beware: Mercury and Venus are your Statler and Waldorf this month. Concentrate on your primary abilities and don’t let negativity toward others bring you steps backward. Share the positivity and you will come out on top with friendship as tight as Kermit and Fozzy. Share good vibes with your crew by gathering and opening a bottle of Beaujolais. Its vibrant raspberry and cherry notes interwoven with hints of violets and freshness will liven up any conversation and get the creativity flowing. Waka waka.