Here’s Your Drink Pairing for Your August Horoscope

Welcome to August! At this point the summer is so hot, it’s time to take a break and cool off with a good drink. Fortunately for you, I’m back with your August drinking horoscope. Happy sipping!


Aires August Horoscope

You are molting, dear fire sign! A full moon is on the horizon and you are about to have a month filled with a strong sense of leadership and confidence. This is your moment to chase a dream. Just go for it! Maybe even take a chance or two. As you push yourself to exciting limits, just know that Mercury is in retrograde. Bringing some trustworthy friends along for the ride will help you enjoy this month’s accomplishments to the fullest. You may even find yourself running head-first into a dapper stranger who could spark your flame because, well, you’re a fire sign. Get it? Anyway, speaking of flames and new beginnings, embrace the new new with a tequila Sunrise. A little bit of fresh OJ and some legit blanco tequila with a splash of grenadine and you are off to the races!

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August Horoscope Taurus G&T
You got this! You have been doubting yourself lately and now it’s time to give in to the skills that drive you. Throw out any notions that you are not good enough and stop listening to those looking-for-love songs! Yes, Mercury is in retrograde … WHATEVS! You are an Earth sign and a grounded spiritual being. The asteroid Pallas Athene is coasting through your heavenly belt, helping you stay organized so you can get the results you need in August. But don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers of your soul and congratulate yourself for being strong. Speaking of flowers, refresh your mind with the botanical love of a gin and tonic. A simple yet effective cocktail that will sooth your senses and cool your mind


Falanghina for Gemini

Stubborn Saturn is opposite your sign, but you are ruled by Mercury, dear Gemini. And even though your ruler is in retrograde, this month you’re walking on air like Katy Perry, so it’s time to give into your whims. You have the asteroid Aphrodite as the wind in your sails, and although you have just been healed from the wound of a rocky relationship, this is the month to let love catch you as it may. Let time pass in August by giving into your more playful nature, and when you run into that stranger and things get real, know that Mercury has got your back like the winged messenger he is. Match your mood this month with a crisp, clean, and lemony Falanghina. This refreshing white wine from just east of the famous town of Napoli in Campania, Italy will help you coast along and let cosmic cards fall where they may.


Cancer loves California Merlot in August

Cancer, you are a canvas in August. Paint your destiny. Venus and Ceres are holding hands this month and skipping through the cosmos to the tune of you. This is the time to plant a seed and watch it grow. Starting a new project? In a new relationship? These next few weeks are all about substance. Your finances are strong right now, so this may also be a good time to give into that life-changing experience the coming full moon will probably present. Grow into a tree with a wide rolling trunk of wisdom in the days to come and focus on structure as you sip on a calm, textured California Merlot. The soft blueberry notes and silky tannins will coat your palate and your soul with satisfaction as you coast toward success.


Nebbiolo is the perfect wine for a Leo

Imagine drinking from a natural spring. The clean, mineral-rich water cools your being and quenches your thirst. This water is now a part of you but the nourishment came from a greater source. You have a vision. Can you feel it? It is a path forward but that path is being guided by a grand trine between the north node of fate. Mars is leaning toward the sun, Saturn is in Sagittarius, and Uranus is all up in Aries. You will have more responsibilities this month, but with this heavenly combination you will bounce through the stars in the right direction. You are regal like the star Regulus, and it’s neighboring bodies are encouraging leadership and keeping you on track. Stay focused with the confidence of a Langhe Nebbiolo. This regal red from Piedmont is powerful and elegant at the same time with vibrant cherry notes and wafts of leather and cherry fruit.


Limoncello the perfect wine for Virgo

Mercury being in retrograde this month is going to be a challenge for you, urging you to tap into your Earth sign qualities. This means being grounded and maybe even practicing a little bit of meditation. To accomplish your goals in August, dear Virgo, you will need to employ the advice of those around you, whether it is your community or a close circle of friends. Stay firm on your own cosmic terra ferma and take time to listen to those in your atmosphere; there are answers there. Hold court and open you ears and your mind by sitting at the end of the day with those you trust and share a bottle of Limoncello. The crisp lemony citrus will keep you attentive, and the sweet liquor it is infused with will keep you calm.


Libra and Muscadet all day

The stars are telling you to seek balance. But buoyant Jupiter is also in your sign this month. You may feel that every time you’ve found a calm equilibrium, more questions arise to mess up that mojo. Well, get outta town! Seriously, by the time the full moon rises on August 7, you should be on a beach or the bank of a large lake. A little time with Planet You and some soul-searching will do you well this month. You may even fall in love. With yourself. You’ll be eating a lot of seafood in the next coming days so stock up on the briny and mineral-driven Muscadet from the Loire Valley in France. This dry and crisp white wine is made near the fishing town of Nantes not far from the Atlantic Ocean and is a match made in heaven with the fruit of the sea.


Red Burgundy is the perfect August wine for Scorpios

You have both a lunar and a solar eclipse careening toward your sign this month and the headwinds of these events are making you feel a little dizzy. Up from down? Left from right? In from out? You could feel tugged all over the place in August. Don’t let that get you down, though. Such is the tug of life, and as you focus on health and finances in the coming weeks, centering yourself and relying on your loved ones for support, you’ll figure out how to allow the shifting gravity to be a guide, not a burden. Stay calm with the earthy soft silkiness of a red Burgundy. Don’t go crazy on the price, as this is a time to be frugal. Instead, head for a bottle with the word “Bourgogne” on the label. It will be affordable and sooth your soul with notes of cherry fruit and soft, integrated tannins.


Bourbon Iced Tea is the perfect August drink for Sagittarius

You are a fire sign with a grand trine this month, dear archer. That means that all of the planet aspects in your sign this month are just close enough to each other that not even Mercury in retrograde can get you down. It is time to coast the heavenly belt with confidence in August and expand your creativity. Be social and take on projects that you love. These next few weeks are all about your new new. There may even be a new relationship on the horizon as the asteroid Amor crosses your sign later this month. So kick back and relax with a classic Bourbon Iced Tea, knowing that a lot will be working out for you this month.


St. Germain for Capricorn

Do you feel yourself boppin’ your head a little more than usual and maybe moving those hips just a little further to the left and right when a love song comes on? Is Al Green talking to you and you alone, or does it at least feel like it? Well you gotta love bug this month, dear seagoat, and you just can’t shake it. With Venus in Cancer this month it’s all about the right connections and even some fertility. Saucy! But here’s the rub. You are a Capricorn. You are an Earth sign. This means, like Redbone, you gotta “Come and get your love.” I know it ain’t easy but it’s time to feel comfortable giving into someone. You work hard and deserve some heart space healing. Celebrate your newfound love with a lively St. Germain Spritz. A nice sexy, tall, glass filled with glistening ice starts this love affair. Then a third of whatever white wine you have lying around, maybe a dollop of rum or vodka or gin and then that lovely St. Germain. Splash some seltzer in that mix with some apple slices and you have a party in the sun. Or under the full moon, you cheeky devil.


Arneis for Aquarius

There are both a solar and a lunar eclipse this month, and it’s as if they were cosmically scheduled just for you. These heavenly events will open your third eye and by the full moon you will potentially have a spiritual awakening like you’ve never had before. I know all this sounds intense and the realization you have coming your way may actually be more subtle than I am describing, yet the impact on your life is where the weight of Mars passing through Leo and pulling your energy through the gravity of the asteroid Aphrodite will be felt. And just because it’s Aphrodite doesn’t mean this is a love awakening. It could also be a life change in your career house. There’s a lot going on here in the next few weeks for you, Aquarius, so stay refreshed with one of the most soulful and refreshing white wines out there. Arneis from Piedmont in Italy is at once dry and mineral-driven while also being alive with aromas of citrus and pear with slight honeyed notes. It’s as complex as your month.


Lambrusco for Pisces

Oh, hi Pisces! Sorry, did I catch you while in the middle of something? Well, I won’t take up a lot of your time but just wanted to say that you are doing exactly what the cosmos said you would be doing. Working on your continual dream! I see you are really into your flow, dear water sign, with Neptune riding along in your house this month. Just wanted to pass along the good news that with all the work you have been doing it might be time to let your dream come to fruition! Sure you’ll have some ups and downs but it looks like you are being supported by the asteroid Vesta in the house of Virgo so you can actually take a break and look back at what you have accomplished. Kick back for a bit with the ever-refreshing glass of Lambrusco. Those sweet and savory notes with the addition of bubbles will help you savor your sweet success.