Where to Drink at the Miami International Airport

The Miami International Airport isn’t exactly a haven for good drink selections — especially if you’re not in Terminal D (East or West wings). But there are some good finds out there, thanks to themed bars and Cuban cuisine. There’s always a chance for one more taste of liquid paradise before leaving the beaches of Miami by plane.

Here are the best places to drink at the Miami International Airport.

Terminal D

Bacardi Mojito: Relax and stay in the beach vibe with rum drinks (a mojito, perhaps?) from the Bacardi Mojito bar.

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Beaudevin: Stylish wine bar with wine by the glass, small plates, and Mediterranean food.

Clubhouse One: Casual American food and a full-service bar.

Corona Beach House: Find your beach in the airport, even if it’s breakfast time.

Clover Irish Pub: Classic Irish pub food, Guinness, Jameson, and a full bar.

Islander Bar & Grill: Jerk chicken, island-style, with a full bar.

Jose Cuervo Tequileria: Impressive list of tequilas whether you like it served straight-up or in a Margarita.

Ku-Va: Classic, authentic Cuban food in a modern setting with a full bar.

Shula’s Bar & Grill: Casual grill with a full bar.

T.G.I. Friday’s: You know the deal here. Just because it’s in the Miami airport doesn’t mean anything changes.

Tradewinds Bar: A straight-up bar that focuses on being a bar (meaning no food service).

Terminal J

Bongos: Not much happening in Terminal J. Bongos has beer and Cuban food, though.

Terminal H

Heineken Bar: A small Heineken-branded bar alongside the wall with beer on tap and liquor as well.

Terminal G

Find your way to another terminal.

Terminal F

Budweiser Brew House: Not much of a place for ambiance, but there’s beer and Margaritas.

Terminal E

Air Margaritaville: Escape to Margaritaville and enjoy yourself as you waste away.

Samuel Adams: Classic bar food and a lineup of Sam Adams beer on tap and in bottle.