What to watch on Netflix, Hulu, HBO in December

You’ve survived Black Wednesday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. No one’s blaming you if you’re still in a food coma from so much excess at once, though. Now it’s time to start preparing for Christmas, but why don’t you procrastinate on getting a gift for your second cousin just a little bit longer?

Here’s the perfect way to do that: new streaming content and the best drinks to pair with it.


1. “The Jungle Book”

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Disney is reviving all of its classic movies into bigger and better iterations, and “The Jungle Book” stands out as one of the best. Watching this remake will ensure that “The Bare Necessities” never leaves your head. Drink pairing: Pina coladas.

2. “Chill With Bob Ross”

If you don’t know Bob Ross, now is the time to get to know him. The afroed artist spits out spoken word poetry while he paints the happiest of happy paintings. He really knows how to communicate with people and plants, and like Bob Ross says, “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” Drink pairing: Stick to the herb.

3. “National Lampoon’s Animal House”

“Animal House” is the fraternity movie that defines all fraternity movies. It combines togas, college, and cheap beer in a way that can’t be matched. Drink pairing: Jack Daniels. Because college.


1. “Pulp Fiction”

Yes, it’s probably the hundredth time you’ve seen this movie so I’ll skip the sentence-long synopsis. But it’s always worth another watch to brush up on all those references the hip film kids always make. Drink pairing: A $5 milkshake, but add a double shot of bourbon, or at least enough to make you think it’s a pretty fuckin’ good milkshake.

2. “All Dogs Go to Heaven”

Hold the pearly gates: Both the original and the sequel are hitting Hulu. “All Dogs Go To Heaven” is the perfect tale of a bad guy gone good, just in dog form. Just try not to tear up over an animated film. Forewarning if you haven’t seen it before: It gets dark. Drink pairing: Alcoholic root beer, ’cause you’ll need something a little light to keep your spirits up.

3. “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”

Maybe Thanksgiving wasn’t enough family and bonding time for you, or maybe you’re just upset that everyone’s gone. Drink away your sorrow while watching “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” Drink pairing: Mezcal for Bridget, and ouzo for Lena.


1. “The Green Mile”

This is Tom Hanks at his best. There’s a lot of tension in “The Green Mile,” but maybe it’s time to snap back to reality and deal with serious issues head on — at least in serious movie form. Drink Pairing: Scotch, neat.

2. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

We can all use a lesson in accepting other people and their thoughts. Yes, that means accepting vegetarians like Ian. Drink pairing: Assyrtiko wine.


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