Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” wrapped in July 2019, but you can still find star Dascha Polanco, who played Dayanara “Daya” Diaz, behind bars.

The good kind, that is. During a collaboration with Bacardi for National Rum Month in August 2019, Polanco shook things up alongside professional bartenders at Las’ Lap in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood. (“They know what they’re doing when it comes to rum,” Polanco says.)

With her beige uniform behind her and a drink in hand, Polanco indulges our rapid-fire Lucky Sevens questions, sharing her death-row drink and the one cocktail she’ll (understandably) never order again.

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1. What’s your desert-island drink?

A classic Piña Colada. I’ve been into rum lately.

2. What’s the first drink you bought when you turned 21?

An Amaretto Sour.

3. FMK three cocktails: Negroni, Margarita, Manhattan?

F*ck Manhattan, marry Margarita, and kill Negroni.

4. You’re on death row. What’s your final drink?

BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho on the rocks.

5. You can only drink at one bar for the rest of your life. What is it?

Well right now, I’m kind of obsessed with Las’ Lap. I found out that Michael B. Jordan is a co-owner, so I’m hooked! Plus, they let me get behind the bar to shake up some cocktails.

6. What’s the best and worst bottle on your shelf?

I’m from the Dominican Republic, so the best thing on my shelf is Mama Juana. The worst thing would have to be Prosecco.

7. What cocktail will you never order again and why?

A Long Island Iced Tea … enough said.