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In this “Next Round,” VinePair CEO Adam Teeter speaks with Casey McGrath, COO and co-founder of Night After Night, a brand management agency specializing in spirits brands and music. McGrath is also the creative director for popular rock band Kings of Leon, as well as co-founder of Manhattan-based spirits brand Barking Irons Spirits.

McGrath discusses the origin story of Night After Night, and how the small, scrappy production company had evolved into a marketing-savvy, forward-thinking brand agency that embraces the power of content and digital marketing, demonstrating the versatility of his professional work. McGrath shares advice for sustaining and strengthening brand health during the current pandemic and moving forward into the unknown. McGrath believes that bold choices, rather than risk-averse reactions, will be the key to staying culturally relevant and achieving long-term brand survival. McGrath is sympathetic to budget restrictions, but encourages spirits brands to keep coming up with innovative and creative ideas, in order to ensure long-term brand health.

From now until July 4, 2020, Barking Irons will donate half of its proceeds to the EMS FDNY Help Fund. For more information on the fund, click here.

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