Last year, the United States celebrated an estimated $43.6 billion in domestic wine sales from California alone. But what other countries were buying American wine in bulk?

In 2019, the  U.S. exported over 355 million liters of wine, with exports totaling around $1.38 billion. With a global audience saying “glou-glou,” over half of the wine exported was sent to just three countries. Canada imported by far the most monetarily, and likely due to the country’s love of high-quality, high-priced California wines.

It’s clear that the international market, in general, loves California wine, as 95 percent of the bottles exported from the U.S. come from the Golden State. Moreover, Wine Institute has previously attributed Japan’s multi-million dollar demand for U.S. wines to the sheer popularity of California wines in Japanese steakhouses. This year, that love drove $93 million in U.S. wine sales, making Japan the fourth-largest importer in 2019.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom spent about half as much as Canada on American wine, but purchased more than twice as much in volume. This could be because U.K. oenophiles buy less expensive American wines in larger quantities. America’s recent success in the U.K. may also be a result of Brexit. While England used to be the top importer among EU nations, Brexit ended many of its trade agreements with the EU, leaving room for the U.S. to step in as a growing importer.

Somehow, the Philippines and Dominican Republic purchased nearly equal amounts of American wine, despite the Philippines having 10 times the population of the D.R. Further, Russia and Australia also nearly tied, despite a population difference of 120 million.

Wondering how U.S. wine performed in other countries around the globe? Check out the chart below.

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