The world of cocktails is growing and changing. The ongoing pandemic has inspired imbibers around the world to channel their inner bartenders, forgoing sourdough for homemade Margaritas and spritzes. In turn, many of us have discovered a renewed interest in mixology.

When it comes to making cocktails, there are many important elements to consider. Are you craving something sweet, spicy, or savory? Is your ideal beverage boozy or sessionable? A drink can be categorized by its ingredients, seasonality, flavor profile, and so much more.

However, in the “enjoyably strong opinions” of Team VinePair, the most effective ways to classify drinks are by base spirit, serve, and glassware. Additionally, we categorize well-known cocktails by style and method — noting when drinks are classic, contemporary, or modern; shaken, stirred, built, or blended.

To help make sense of these codifications, VinePair created a Periodic Table of Cocktails. This infographic allows experts and home bartenders alike to visualize each cocktail recipe — making it easier than ever to conceptualize the various elements of well-known drinks. While we couldn’t possibly fit every beloved cocktail on one page, we included the most iconic, essential, and relevant to today’s curious drinker.

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Periodic Table of Cocktails