You may be familiar with composting food scraps, including the materials that are left over from making alcohol: the pressed grape skins and seeds from making wine; or the cooked spent grains that are the byproduct of making spirits and beer. But, yes, you can also compost wine, beer, and spirits.

The two most commonly composted alcoholic liquids are wine and beer. Many people believe that the yeast present inside both can help really get the compost going. Additionally, the liquid in wine and beer (which is mostly water) helps keep the compost heap damp, which is essential for the necessary composting bacteria staying alive.

However, while you might want to start dumping every leftover bottle of wine or beer on the pile, some gardening experts say hold off just a bit. While some wine and beer is great for your compost pile, too much alcohol in the liquid could actually kill the bacteria inside the compost. That’s bacteria you need to break everything down. So, every now and then, pour one out for the compost gods. Just don’t go overboard.

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