Throughout the ongoing pandemic, ready-to-drink (RTD) bottled and canned beverages are reigning supreme. Demand for RTD drinks such as canned cocktails, hard seltzers, and even alcoholic tea and kombucha have seen major increases since late February.

But within this broad classification that’s become the nexus of packaged alcohol lies another, more difficult-to-define category — one that we’re calling hard seltzer alternatives.

Hard seltzer alternatives are RTDs that are neither premixed cocktails nor hard seltzers, beers, or ciders. In many cases, these drinks existed long before hard seltzer. From hard teas and kombuchas, to the more recent breakout success of hard coffees, these RTDs range in style but have one thing in common: Almost none of them disclose the amount of calories within their cans.

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While most hard seltzer brands — such as White Claw and Bud Light Seltzer — tout their products’ low-calorie contents on the front of their cans, these RTDs make finding out their calorie contents a bit more difficult. That’s why we’ve consulted these brands’ websites, as well as Under Armor-sponsored calorie counter MyFitnessPal, to suss out just how many calories are in some of the country’s most popular RTDs.