Whether you’re making a big batch of Eggnog or searching for a last-minute bottle of wine to give your holiday host, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in need of booze on Dec. 25. But are any stores actually going to be open?

In the United States, most liquor laws are written by individual states rather than at the federal level, meaning depending on where you live, there will be a plethora of differing regulations regarding when shops can sell alcohol. Blue laws, which restrict certain activities and business operations on Sundays and/or religious days, are still alive and well in many regions across the United States.

If your state doesn’t suffer from strict blue laws, you could still run into varying standards depending on the county and municipality. So even if it’s legal to sell alcohol on Christmas in your home state, we always recommend calling ahead to double check the shop is open before heading over.

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Check out the chart below to see if you can buy alcohol in your state this Christmas and have a happy holiday!

State Alcohol? Notes
Alabama Some State-owned liquor stores are closed on Christmas day, but privately-owned shops may choose to open.
Alaska Yes
Arizona Yes
Arkansas No
California Yes
Colorado No
Connecticut No
Delaware No
Florida Some Some counties permit the sale of alcohol on Christmas day.
Georgia No
Hawaii Yes
Idaho No
Illinois Yes
Indiana Yes
Iowa Yes State-owned liquor stores are closed.
Kansas No
Kentucky Some Some counties ban the sale of alcohol on Christmas.
Louisiana Some Some parishes forbid the sale of alcohol.
Maine Yes
Maryland Some While Maryland is not a control state, some counties are control counties and outlaw the sale of alcohol on Christmas Day.
Massachusetts No
Michigan Yes
Minnesota No
Mississippi No
Missouri Yes
Montana Some State-owned liquor stores will be closed and sales at privately-owned stores are restricted to beer and wine. However, proposed House Bill 867, which has yet to be signed into law, proposes that liquor stores be open on Sundays and Holidays.
Nebraska Yes
Nevada Yes
New Hampshire No
New Jersey Yes
New Mexico Yes
New York Yes
North Carolina Some Liquor stores are closed; grocery stores are permitted to sell beer and wine.
North Dakota No
Ohio No
Oklahoma No
Oregon Yes State law provides that liquor stores are permitted to open, though many may choose to close.
Pennsylvania Some State-run liquor stores are closed, grocery stores are permitted to sell wine and beer (if they are open).
Rhode Island No
South Carolina No
South Dakota Some According to South Dakota law 35-4-81, any municipality or county may, by ordinance, prohibit or restrict the sale of alcohol on Christmas Day.
Tennessee No
Texas Some Liquor stores will be closed but grocery stores are permitted to sell wine and beer.
Utah No
Vermont Yes
Virginia Some All Virginia State ABC stores will be closed on Christmas day.
Washington Yes Privately-owned liquor stores are able to open.
West Virginia Some State-run liquor stores are closed on Christmas, beer and wine are available at grocery and convenience stores.
Wisconsin Yes State-controlled liquor stores will be closed.
Wyoming Yes