Can You Buy Alcohol on Christmas Day?

This Christmas might be the year that you and your family drink through your alcohol stash. Just saying. Well, you know how your Thanksgiving went, so you know how much danger you’re in. Anyway, should this unthinkable evil befall you and should you also not have had the foresight to have gifted or the good fortune to have been gifted alcohol, you have few choices open to you. You could go to a bar (or a Christmas-themed bar), but that means you’d have to get dressed. Pshaw! Overrated. You can just go out on a quick liquor run, right? While it’s true that those can be done in pajamas, your ability to purchase booze on Christmas depends on where you live.

Check out the chart below to see if you can legally buy alcohol in your state on Christmas.

State Alcohol? Notes
Alabama Yes State-run liquor stores closed, but private package stores sell liquor, and beer and wine are available as well.
Alaska Yes
Arizona Yes
Arkansas No
California Yes
Colorado No
Connecticut No
Delaware No
Florida Yes
Georgia No
Hawaii Yes
Idaho No
Illinois Yes
Indiana Yes
Iowa Yes State-owned liquor stores are closed.
Kansas No
Kentucky Yes Varies from county to county.
Louisiana Yes Varies from parish to parish .
Maine Yes
Maryland Yes Varies county to county.
Massachusetts No
Michigan Yes
Minnesota Some Liquor sales prohibited.
Mississippi No
Missouri Yes
Montana Yes State-owned liquor stores will be closed.
Nebraska Yes
Nevada Yes
New Hampshire Some No liquor sales, beer and wine available.
New Jersey Yes
New Mexico Some No liquor sales, beer and wine available.
New York Some No wine or liquor, beer available.
North Carolina Some No liquor, beer and wine available.
North Dakota No Also can’t buy any alcohol after 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve.
Ohio No
Oklahoma No
Oregon Yes
Pennsylvania No
Rhode Island No
South Carolina No
South Dakota Some No wine or liquor, beer is available.
Tennessee No
Texas Some No liquor, wine and beer are available.
Utah No
Vermont Yes
Virginia Some No liquor, wine and beer are available.
Washington Yes
West Virginia Yes
Wisconsin Yes
Wyoming Yes