At the beach, the name of the game is hydration. While the VinePair team obviously enjoys a refreshing boozy beverage for days spent in the sun, we definitely give our water bottles the priority cooler space. So after we fill the largest vessel at our disposal with H20 for the road, it’s time to pack our ultimate beach drinks.

What is an “ultimate beach drink,” you ask? These are the drinks that have stood the test of time, through the highs and lows of beach life. Through the sweltering days lying out in the sand, impromptu volleyball games, getting absolutely tumbled by an aggressive wave, endless combinations of odd beach stand foods, and, of course, painful sunburns — these drinks are always there to comfort us.

Here are the VinePair Staff’s ultimate beach drinks for the summer. Maybe these drinks can be there for you, too.

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“Literally anything with rum. But if we’re being specific, I guess I’d have to be a little cliché and say a Piña Colada. There’s nothing that quite hits the spot on a hot beach day like the refreshing concoction of coconut, pineapple, and aged dark rum. If we’re getting really crazy, throw a maraschino cherry in there too!” —Rob Gearity, senior director, integrated marketing

“A gallon of water and Corona with a healthy dose of lime.” —Sylvie Baggett, branded content editor

“My go-to beach drink is aged rum, club soda, and a lemon wedge. Never a lime, always a lemon. It’s refreshing but at the same time has something interesting going on.” —Josh Malin, president & co-founder

“It all depends on the food situation. If we are just talking about sandwiches and chips by the beach, I have to go with a crisp and fruity beer like Talea’s Weekender Key Lime Lager or a Montauk Watermelon Session Ale. If this is an all-out beach cookout I am definitely bringing the wine, usually some spritzy Txakolina.” —Hannah Staab, assistant editor

“My ultimate beach drink has to be a frozen Piña Colada. I know it’s basic but there’s just something about sipping a refreshing Colada under the summer sun that is so special. Plus, with all the virgin Piña Coladas I drank as a child, there’s an element of nostalgia there that’s just unbeatable.” —Olivia White, editorial assistant

“If I’m hitting the beach in Rhode Island, I simply have to scramble for my cash and get a Del’s frozen lemonade straight from the truck.” —Sara Pinsonault, designer

“Canned drinks are an obvious beach choice (and for good reason). I plan to pack Spindrift‘s new Spiked Strawberry Lemonade seltzers in my bag this summer — they’re delightfully bubbly and have just the right amount of fruity flavor.” —Nicolette Baker, news writer

“My favorite beach drink is the Long Drink Zero! It’s citrusy, light, and refreshing, and doesn’t weigh me down while enjoying the sun and waves!” —Jenny Riddell, senior director, brand partnerships & activations

“It depends on the beach. I go particularly wild for a good Mai Tai, but if I’m at the Jersey Shore, I’m keeping it simple with a Corona and two limes.” —Taylore Glynn, senior editor

“I feel like I have two beach drinking scenarios: If I’m on vacation, the only thing I want is a Piña Colada, because it’s just nostalgic of being at all-inclusive resorts when I was a kid and drinking like 10 virgin ones a day. The other mood is when I’m doing the beach at home and in that case I really don’t love drinking alcohol, so my go-to is the Shaken Coconut Cold Brew from Hampton Coffee, which puts Starbucks to shame.” —Danielle Grinberg, art director

“‘If it’s daytime fun in the sun, I’d have to go with cold beer (Saranac’s Blueberry Blonde Ale is very refreshing) or some sort of seltzer. If it’s an evening on a beach, usually a glass of wine is perfect — likely a glass of rosé!” —Allison Kuklinski, manager, brand partnerships & activations

“My two favorite beach drinks are High Noon and Molson Canadian Lager — High Noons on those sweltering ocean beach days and Molsons for the more temperate lakeside hangouts. Molson’s bready, caramel flavor is robust enough to warm you up, but sessionable enough that you won’t fill up too quickly. And High Noon is just freakin’ delicious.” —Pete O’Connell, intern

“I like a good cold Corona with a shot of tequila, a beach blanket, and some karaoke in the summer.” —Keith Beavers, tastings director

“Four-pack of pilsner and plenty of sunscreen for me.” —Tim McKirdy, managing editor