The 11 Best Alcohol-Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments


Holiday cheer is about celebrating the small beauties of life, and this year, you should think real small. Like, alcohol ornaments hanging from the tree small. It’s all about two things: alcohol and aesthetics.

We scoured the internet and found the best Christmas tree ornaments that are both beautiful and booze-themed. Enjoy!

The Classic Beer Keg

Beer Keg Ornament
Photo via Nativity Set Store

A wooden barrel decked out in glitter. Don’t understand what it is? Don’t worry, “Beer” is fabulously emblazoned across the side with a glitter lining, just in case any of your friends and family were unaware of where your priorities lie.

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The Simple Man’s Six Pack

Budweiser Ornament
Photo via Amazon

The women and men of VinePair believe that there’s a time and a place for everything. If not every thing, then at least every drink — yes, even that box of Fireball. So stop lying to yourself; you have and will buy a couple more cans of Budweiser. There’s no reason to be ashamed, and you should rep that shamelessness on the tree for all to see. After all, there’s no more balanced diet than a Budweiser in each hand.

The Vintage Chic Beer Cooler

Beer Cooler Ornament
Photo via Amazon

How do you signal to everyone you know that you’re always ready to party? A dedicated party cooler, that’s how. This vintage-style beer cooler will have you saying “hold my beer” in no time — bad decisions come separate.

The Only Thing Better Than a Beer Cooler

Tool Box Beer Cooler
Photo via Amazon

You know what’s better than a beer cooler? A full beer cooler you can always grab a beer from that’s fashioned out of a toolbox. Unless you’re a monkey. Then the only place you should be getting beers from is the monkey bars (get it?). Hang this “Iced Tool Box with Beer Christmas Ornament” on your tree and you’ll let anyone and everyone know that you know how to keep it cool at work.

The Old World Wine Lover

Wine Barrel Ornament
Photo via Amazon

Few things signal fine wine and a good time like the wine barrel. Sure, you may not be able to afford a full barrel of wine (or even an empty repurposed one), but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a glass-blown ornament one on your tree.

The Classic Straw Wine Lover

Chianti Ornament
Photo via Amazon

Stereotypes are bad. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this stereotype of Chianti wine, straw basket and all (Chianti is much more than this now). The “Northlight Tuscan Winery Chianti Wine Bottle Glass Christmas Ornament” will make you want pizza and wine with every glance at the tree.

The Mug of Beerfest Lore

Beer Mug ornament
Photo via Amazon

There’s no such thing as a never-empty, always overflowing beer with the perfect foam head. That doesn’t mean you can’t dream, though. Put those dreams on the tree, friends, with the mug of beer Christmas ornament.

Santa Pops Champagne

Santa Champagne Ornament
Photo via Nordstrom

Santa and Satan are just a couple letters away from each other. Don’t let that deter you from putting the man on your tree (his elf on the shelf is already watching you anyway). Best of all, this comes in “Red Salsa” color.

The Deeply Worded Ornament

Drinking Ornament
Photo via Etsy

We get it. You probably don’t want to have to squint and look closer just to see what is really hanging from the tree. But this is an important message, folks. He sees you when you’re drinking. Never forget.

The Ornament You Will Keep Sneaking Back To

Flask Ornament
Photo via The Green Head

Some people favor utility over design. We can respect that. For those people, there is the ornament flask. It’s red as Rudolph’s nose, and it will make sure you can’t recall the most famous reindeer of them all.

The Cork Ornament That Isn’t Cork Focused

New Hampshire Cork
Photo via Etsy

Cork ornaments are great and those little cork reindeer are adorable. There can only be so many cork-based crafts in your home, though. Instead, look to this cork ornament. It’s enough to convince you to take a trip to New Hampshire, just so you have an excuse to rep this ornament.

BONUS: Shake It Up

Cocktail Shaker Ornament
Photo via Christmas in Prescot

You should mix in some holiday spirits with all of your drinks. Need a reminder? Hang this ornament on your tree.