Fellow wine drinkers: we know that like us, you have a lonely jar of corks sitting in your kitchen just waiting to be put to use. Sure, you’ve created a Pinterest page with all of your favorite cork board and picture frame ideas, but really, where are the crafts that only require a few corks? We finally found a Christmas Cork Craft that we are obsessed with over at Simplemost, and you only need five corks to make it. Yep, you heard us: five corks. And let’s be honest– we could come up with five corks in a simple weekend, right?

We're Obsessed With These Adorable Wine Cork Reindeer

These easy to make cork reindeer are perfect as tabletop decorations or appetizer descriptors. We can’t get enough! Bonus: It’s just as fun to get to the materials as it is making the crafts, amirite?

Full instructions at Simplemost