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When it comes to service, does anyone have to tip, ever? The obvious answer is no. Gratuity is typically voluntary, unless it’s included, and you could easily enjoy your meal or takeout order paying only for the bill and nothing more. But, just like Adam and Danny Meyer, I have *~thoughts~* on tipping, and they are, generally, that you should do it. And yes, on takeout too.

While a takeout order admittedly requires less labor than dining in — no one is waiting on you, making sure you’re having a good experience, or bussing your table — there are still people preparing your meal and packing it up for you, often during the busiest hours of service. So maybe you don’t offer the same tip that you would if you were dining in (like 20–25 percent), but still tip to show your gratitude and that you value the restaurant and its team (think closer to 15 percent).

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If you’ve ordered takeout to be delivered, however, you should tip as you would if you were dining in, to take care of both the restaurant team and the delivery personnel. (Please add a few extra bucks to that if it’s raining or snowing.) And if you’ve ordered through a third-party delivery app, which usually charges the restaurant a pretty hefty fee, consider tipping even more.