You’re out to dinner and you’ve asked the sommelier for a wine recommendation and… you don’t like what they chose. What now? You could give them a little bit of feedback as to why you don’t like their selection and let them make another suggestion. Or you could just politely let them know that you’re actually going to go with a different wine and thank them for their advice.

If you’re the type of person who often asks for recommendations from the restaurant staff when you’re out to dinner, be it the bartender, the server, or the sommelier, only to pick something else (I’ve definitely done this myself), I wouldn’t worry too much — I’m sure this happens all the time and no one takes it personally, however annoying it might be. But instead of asking what they think you should order, giving some parameters or even a choice of a few options might help avoid this somewhat awkward situation in the future.

So if you want a wine in a certain price range, from a specific region, or that evokes this other wine that you know you like, giving any and all specifications will help your friendly somm make a recommendation that’s closer to what it is you’re looking for.

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