The debate of whether or not one should tip on the full bill, including tax or pre-tax, is one that has been raging for decades. While this may be a generalization, I normally find that it’s older generations who choose to omit the tax when calculating their tip, while younger generations include the tax — either because they feel the larger tip is deserved given what we pay restaurant workers, as I do, or because it’s just easier.

If you are one of the people who chooses to tip pre-tax, it is true that you will now have to do a bit more work in order to tip less via the touchpad device. Instead of selecting a percentage, which automatically includes the tax in the calculation, you will have to add your tip manually and then calculate the tip you wish to leave before typing it into the field.

Your decision to tip on the pre-taxed amount isn’t a common one, as most of society tips on the full bill, and it is for this reason that the POS systems default to this method of gratuity. Rejecting the default and tipping a different amount could be a challenge for you if you also have asked your children or grandchildren for help unlocking your smartphone or sending a text message, but if you are determined to tip pre-tax, I am sure you can figure it out.

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