Is it spring yet? Whether the start of April brings you warm temperatures and sunny skies, or yet another snowfall from a cold snap that just won’t quit, take heart. We’ve got your drink pairing for your April horoscope right here, brightening up whatever is out your window and in your glass.

Aries: Rum Punch Bowl

Rum punch is part of VinePair's April drinks horoscope.

What a time to be an Aries! Not only will the solar eclipse on April 8 kickstart a whole new chapter in your life, the lunar eclipse in your eighth house is going to send your creative juices through the roof. It’s your time to shine, Aries, so take advantage of it and throw a party. (Perhaps a birthday party, April Arieses?) I’m not just talking about a run-of-the-mill shindig with chips, beer, and a Spotify playlist — I’m talking a blowout bash with all your BFFs! It’s time to go big, especially toward the end of the month, so whip up a gargantuan batch of rum punch for the communal table. It’s festive, feisty, and insanely fun — exactly the vibe you’re going for.

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Taurus: Lambic

Lambic is recommended for Taurus in VinePair's April drinks pairing horoscope.

The full moon is shining brightly on you, Taurus. Myriad cosmic events are aligning in your favor this month, so it’s a fortuitous time to try something new. Dream big — bigger than just switching your body wash from lavender to grapefruit. Think along the lines of new career or relationship status; Mars’s affinity toward Jupiter in the coming weeks will give you the push you need to start fresh. Spark your transformation with a nip of something offbeat. Try a funky brew like a Belgian lambic. Its unpredictable nature may help balance the shifts that lie ahead for you. And wild yeasts may lead to a wild month!

Gemini: Sidecar

A Sidecar is recommended for Gemini in VinePair's April drinks pairing horoscope.

You’re a sophisticated cat, Gemini, and it shows. You don’t take any crap from anybody, and your independence is only going to serve you well this month. However, take care that your self-love doesn’t push those closest to you away, especially around the lunar eclipse on the 24th. Saturn’s got your back the first half of the year, so use its energy to explore your deepest desires. You know what else will probably help? A classic Sidecar. It’s confidence in a glass, so propel yourself toward your goals with a little extra slosh of Cognac.

Cancer: Dry Cider

Cider is recommended for Cancer in VinePair's April drinks pairing horoscope.

Strange things are afoot, Cancers. Keep an open mind and odd goings-on could result in a new connection that lasts a lifetime. But don’t get overexcited at the prospect of a new bae — staying composed will ensure your opportunities don’t get scared away by your eagerness. Play it cool and channel your inner James Dean; stay sharp with your wits (and wisdom) around you. Since you want to keep a clear head in April, why not try a dry cider? Lush, sweet, and lip-smackingly delicious, a bottle or two could help guide you toward balancing those emotional shifts as they occur.

Leo: Mexican Lager

Mexican Lager is recommended for Leos in VinePair's drinks pairing horoscope.

Lovely, lively Leos: April is swooping in with lots of potential. With the new moon comes the chance for new beginnings in your personal and professional lives, so don’t squander your shot when it falls into your lap. It’s time to lay the foundation for your five-year plan. Where do you want to be? What do you have to do to get there? And how can you harness the universe’s power to complete your quest? It’s not time to mess around with frivolity. Keep things simple and classic with a Mexican lager. It’s versatile, light, and inspired by both German and Mexican brewing influences. That type of international expertise is exactly what you should seek on your journey toward self-improvement.

Virgo: Port

Port is for Virgos in our drinks pairing horoscope.

Mercury in Aries retrograde may hit you particularly hard this month, Virgos. Beware of overcommitting yourself in your personal life; it could backfire spectacularly. Still, no need to panic! Venus is favoring Pluto, which should help restore some balance to your relationships. Celestial changes toward the end of the month promise to keep you vivacious and healthy. To avoid hazardous relationship changes — no one wants to become the “it’s complicated” status in the coming weeks — tune into your inner self and contemplate your own mystical properties. A tawny Port over dessert could be just the thing to unlock a secret challenge.

Libra: German Riesling

Riesling is for Libras in VinePair's drinks pairing horoscope.

All great artists experience inner turmoil, and April may be your month to really vibe with the spirits of dearly departed prodigies. This month you’re channeling Charles Bukowski, the legendary novelist who had a serious affinity for German Rieslings. Take a page from his book and dive headfirst into that creative venture you’ve been putting off. Proceed with caution — his high-octane state of mind can prove treacherous for those disinclined to practice moderation. Take a sip of wine and muse over what your creative legacy could be.

Scorpio: Vodka & Drinking Vinegar

Scorpios should try vodka in April, according to VinePair's drinks pairing horoscope.

Changes in the cosmos can spell trouble for you, Scorpios. This April, practice lots of self-care and focus on your health, which has the potential to take a tumble mid-month. Try charging some crystals during both the solar and lunar eclipses to gain a dual boost of energy and stave away bad juju. On the less metaphysical (and more physical) side, adding some probiotics to your diet wouldn’t be a bad idea. Keep your head — and liquor — clear by mixing some vodka with your choice of drinking vinegars. It’s like going on a cleanse, but boozy!

Sagittarius: Rosé

Sagittarius should drink rose wine in April.

Like Lady Gaga, in April, Sagittarius lovers have the potential to write a bad romance. Sensuality is your aura du jour and you’re practically radiating with passion. (You can thank Mercury’s red-hot influence for your spike in desirability!) Soak up the attention and exude love back into the universe; it’ll come back tenfold in karmic rewards later. Lean into your emotional pull — paying special attention the final week of April — with a glass of rosé. This trendy glass hasn’t lost its luster yet, and yours is just beginning to shine.

Capricorn: Aged Rye Whiskey

Capricorns should drink aged rye whiskey in April, according to VinePair's drinks pairing horoscope.

Sweet Capricorns. Your down-to-earth disposition is totes adorbs. Seriously — no one else gets shit done like you do, and you don’t even break a sweat! You’re content where you are in life and it’s a joy to behold. This month, be sure to savor your surroundings and treat yourself to a dram of aged rye. With every sip, you’ll be better able to drink in the essence of the world around you and contemplate your place within. And if you feel a tickle of uncertainty shiver down your spine (most likely on the 15th), just turn toward Pluto’s tiny-but-luminous face for guidance.

Aquarius: Champagne

Champagne is among VinePair's drinks pairing for April horoscopes.

Are you feeling pulled in too many directions, Aquarius dears? It’s hardly surprising, given your magnetic personality, but can be stressful nonetheless. Uranus and Neptune are both in your first house of personality in April, so be cautious not to bite off more than you can chew. Still, with your cosmic energy soaring and the Lyrids meteor shower on the 22nd and 23rd, you’re shining on like the crazy diamond you are! Your spirit is burning bright as the stars above, so why not accentuate that with a glass of Champagne? Effulgent, effervescent, and energetic — you and Champagne are a match made in heaven this month.

Pisces: Syrah

Pisces should drink wine, according to VinePair's drinks pairing horoscope.

Happy April to you, fishy friends! Hope you’re ready for an improvement in your financial situation, because you’re liable to get lucky this month. Keep an eye out for money-making opportunities during the lunar eclipse, which will be the ripest time to strike. Because of your burgeoning boom in bucks, the cosmos may shift its gaze away from potential relationship changes in your life, so weigh your options carefully. If you’re unsure which area you prefer to work on in April, take some time to reflect on your priorities over a delightful glass of Syrah. Its ruby hue and full body can help cleanse your mind of distractions and illuminate your path forward.