America’s love for beer dates back longer than can be traced. Ancient Babylonians and Egyptian pharaohs were known to enjoy the amber-colored beverage — the latter even being buried with vats of the liquid. And though our taste for beer dates back centuries, it remains the favorite drink among Americans to this day. But just as the category itself has evolved, some of America’s oldest and largest beer brands have changed their looks over the course of time.

Logo changes aren’t out of the ordinary for brands looking to keep up with modern aesthetics and stand out in a category flooded with offerings. While some major brands have stood by their original logos, others have evolved through the years.

Throughout its long history, Budweiser has undergone many logo changes. In fact, the “King of Beers” has had 15 distinct logo makeovers in its almost 150-year reign. Other brand logos, like that of Coors Light, have changed more subtly, keeping the same general look while updating fonts, colors, and shapes throughout their history. Bud Light dropped the “weiser” from Budweiser in 1984, while Miller Lite introduced a retro logo in 2014 that was reminiscent of an earlier version used in 1974.

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View VinePair’s chart below to see how some of America’s biggest beer brands’ logos have evolved over time.

The evolution of American beer logos