Since its founding, the United States has seen its fair share of distilleries open and evolve. European settlers brought brandy– and whiskey-making practices to the area well before the Declaration of Independence was signed, and distillers were exposed to new grains on American soil, hence the first recorded run of rye whiskey occurring in Salem, Mass., in 1648. But for a long time, distilling in America was an uphill battle.

The English Malt Tax of 1725 forced most of the distillers to move production underground and led to the uptick in bathtub liquors like moonshine. Then Prohibition hit and killed the momentum any distilleries had before the 1920s, if not causing them to shutter completely. Unlike many breweries that switched up their business models during the American dry spell, some distilleries — like Buffalo Trace and Laird & Company — were granted a federal license to continue producing spirits for “medicinal purposes,” though much of that alcohol fell into the hands of gangsters and bootleggers. For all these reasons, the “oldest”-running distilleries in most states weren’t actually founded — or licensed — until the early aughts. Hell, Alabama’s first legal, commercially available whiskey didn’t hit liquor store shelves until 2015. It’s shocking, but somewhat promising: The best could be yet to come for American distilling culture, and we’re looking forward to what’s on the horizon.

Here, we’ve rounded up the oldest distillery in every U.S. state. That title isn’t necessarily straightforward: Many distilleries have shut down, been eaten up by larger companies, or had long periods of dormancy only to be revived by a younger, enthusiastic generation of distilling family lineage. All this change makes each state’s “oldest” distillery tough to calculate, so for clarity, each of the distilleries below is currently active and has been since the year listed without any periods of inactivity.

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The oldest distillery in every state:

State Distillery Year
Alabama John Emerald Distillery 2014
Alaska Alaska Distillery 2007
Arizona Desert Diamond Distillery 2009
Arkansas Rock Town Distillery 2010
California Alambic Inc. 1982
Colorado Stranahan’s 2004
Connecticut Westford Hills Distillery 1997
Delaware Painted Stave 2013
Florida Drum Circle Distilling 2007
Georgia Richland Rum 1999
Hawaii Kolani Distillers 2006
Idaho Distilled Resources Inc. 1988
Illinois North Shore Distillery 2004
Indiana Ross & Squibb Distillery 1847
Iowa Cedar Ridge Distillery 2005
Kansas High Plains Distillery 2005
Kentucky Buffalo Trace Distillery 1775
Louisiana Celebration Distillation 1995
Maine Maine Distilleries 2005
Maryland Windon Distilling Company 2012
Massachusetts Triple Eight Distillery 1997
Michigan Temperance Distilling 1998
Minnesota Phillips Distilling Co. 1935
Nebraska Cooper’s Chase 2009
Nevada Frey Ranch Farmers + Distillers 2006
New Hampshire Flag Hill Distillery 2004
New Jersey Laird & Company 1780
New Mexico Sante Fe Spirits 2010
New York Kings Action Group Corp 2001
North Carolina Piedmont Distillers 2005
North Dakota Maple River Distillery 2009
Ohio Woodstone Creek 1998
Oklahoma Prairie Wolf Spirits 2013
Oregon Hood River Distillers 1934
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Distilling 2005
Rhode Island Newport Distilling Company 2006
South Carolina Firefly Distillery 2005
South Dakota Dakota Spirits Distillery 2006
Tennessee Jack Daniel’s Distillery 1938
Texas Mockingbird Distillery 1995
Utah High West Distillery 2006
Vermont Vermont Spirits Distilling Co. 1999
Virginia A. Smith Bowman 1934
Washington Dry Fly Distilling 2007
West Virginia West Virginia Distilling Co. 1999
Wisconsin Great Lakes Distillery 2004
Wyoming Wyoming Whiskey 2006

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