Good craft distilleries are hard to come by, but some craft distilleries are better than others. That’s because they have incredible tasting rooms and bars attached. These are the 10 best distillery bars to seek out. Believe us, the journey is worth it.

Anchor Distilling Company in San Francisco, California

anchor distilling bar
Photo via Anchor Distilling

You’d be forgiven for only thinking about Anchor Brewing when you hear the name “Anchor” associated with San Francisco. But one of the most formative craft breweries also has a distillery. Take a walk through the edible roof garden, then head to the penthouse bar for a true distillery bar experience.

Republic Restoratives in Washington, D.C.

republic restoratives bar
Photo via Republic Restoratives

D.C.’s first women-owned distillery is a spot you don’t want to miss. Take a tour of the distillery, then head to the Ivy Room for cocktails like the Ne Side Gimlet, Strawberry Civic Crush, and the Chin Chin made with fresh ingredients. And, of course, don’t miss their Hillary Clinton-inspired whiskey, the Rodham Rye.

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Rusted Crow Distillery and Spirits in Dearborn, Michigan

rusted crow distillery bar
Photo via Rusted Crow

Rusted Crow is a premium distillery that makes rum, vodka, and liqueurs. This recommendation comes with two stops: first to the actually distillery in Dearborn for a tour and drinks from the source, then to the restaurant and bar in Detroit, where premium cocktails are mixed up using Rusted Crow products.

Philadelphia Distilling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

philadelphia distilling best distillery bars
Photo via Philadelphia Distilling

Philadelphia Distilling is making innovative spirits like Bluecoat dry gin (including a barrel aged gin), absinthe, and seasoned vodka. And if you visit the distillery for yourself, you can get creative cocktails utilizing those spirits at the modern bar on the other side of the stills.

Westland Distillery in Seattle, Washington

cantilever room westland distillery
Photo via Westland Distillery

There’s great whiskey being made all over the United States, but there’s something special happening in Seattle. Westland Distillery is making American single malt whiskey in unique ways for an American company, including peated and sherry-oaked. Hit their Cantilever room to learn all about it and enjoy whiskey, food, and cocktails.

Wander North Distillery in Minneapolis, Minnesota

wander north distillery bar
Photo via Wander North

While some distillery tasting rooms and bars focus solely on the liquid, Wander North wants something more. “We like to think of our cocktail lounge as a taproom for spirits,” the company website reads. “It’s a place to sip on a drink, play a game, enjoy good company and ultimately, have fun.” Sold.

CH Distillery in Chicago, Illinois

ch distilling bar
Photo via CH Distilling

CH Distillery is the place in Chicago to go for quality drinks made from liquor made right in the building. With cocktails featuring spirits like London Dry Gin, Peppercorn Vodka, whiskey, rum, and even aquavit, you can guarantee you’ll find something you like here.

Industry City Distillery in Brooklyn, New York

industry city distillery bar
Photo via Industry City

There’s simply no skyline like the Manhattan skyline, and from Industry City’s taproom in Brooklyn, you can catch all of the views. It also makes the only vodka distilled in the city, and makes a 95.6 percent alcohol by volume neutral spirit designed for the creation of bitters, tinctures, and craft cocktails.

Acre Distilling in Fort Worth, Texas

acre distilling company
Photo via Acre Distilling

Acre Distilling is planted on historical drinking grounds. In what was once known as “Hell’s Half Acre,” a place infamous for gambling and alcohol, is now a place for craft liquor cocktails and coffee. A full-service bar featuring drinks made from gin, bourbon, vodka, and even a peach vodka make this one place in Texas you’ll want to make time for.

Golden Moon Distillery in Golden, Colorado

golden moon speakeasy
Photo Golden Moon Distillery

This distillery has something special: its very own speakeasy. Called the Golden Moon Speakeasy (obviously), it doubles as a cocktail lounge and distillery tasting room. You can find all the classic cocktails as well as modern ones made with Golden Moon Distillery spirits.