7 Saisons to Try to Learn About the Style

Barnyard funk doesn’t sound like something you would typically want to consume, so it’s understandable why people shy away from saisons and farmhouse ales. But get into the style and you’ll find that barnyard funk can actually make a beer delicious. Here are seven beers to try to get into saisons.

Allagash Saison

Allagash Saison Is A Great American SaisonA bright and slightly hazy beer full of flavor. It’s slightly hoppy and peppery with a moderately high alcohol percentage for a saison at 6.1 percent alcohol by volume. The barnyard notes are there but aren’t as strong as in some saisons, making it a good gateway into the style.

Songbird Saison from Tallgrass

songbird saison from tallgrass is a saison to get you into the styleLow alcohol (4.8 percent alcohol by volume), sour, and citrusy. Songbird delivers everything you need to get into a style that brings different flavors to the table than you may be used to.

Tank 7 from Boulevard Brewing Co.

tank 7 from boulevard is a saison to get you into the styleAmerican takes on craft beer styles generally mean big, citrusy American hops. Boulevard Tank 7 follows through on that. The funky saison is balanced out by hops that will make any IPA fan comfortable and finishes with classic pepper notes.

Saison Dupont from Brasserie Dupont

saison dupont is a saison to get you into the styleThis beer is a measuring stick for all saisons. It’s a classic Belgian saison that’s tart, spicy, and herbaceous. Its balance and consistency make it a good saison to taste early on to really understand the style.

Hennepin from Brewery Ommegang

hennepin from brewery ommegang is a saison to get you into the styleCoriander, ginger, and orange peel dominate this beer. It’s on the bigger side at 7.7 percent alcohol by volume, but its high carbonation and balanced flavors help keep it refreshing.

Wandering Bine from Threes Brewing

wandering bien from three's brewing is a saison to get you into the styleA mild saison with a comparatively low acidity. Wandering Bine is easy-drinking, floral, and layered with a level of sweetness that makes it a good beginner saison to ease into farmhouse ales.

Sorachi Ace from Brooklyn Brewery

sorachi ace from brooklyn brewery is a saison to get you into the styleSorachi Ace is a big, unfiltered saison that’s not afraid to steal the show. If you’ve been through some of the lighter examples of saison on the list, Sorachi Ace is the next beer you want to try. The namesake Sorachi Ace hop shares the spotlight with aggressive Belgian yeast and Champagne yeast.