In January 2019, Anheuser-Busch (A-B) became the first U.S. beer company to include comprehensive nutrition facts on its beer labels. Bud Light packaging with ingredients and stats — carbs, calories, and all — debuted in stores in February.

Coupled with corngate, a.k.a. the ongoing #controversy between A-B and MillerCoors over whose adjuncts are better or worse for you, these new details meet and create consumer demand to know more about our beer.

While Big Beer is doing its part to be more “transparent,” VinePair did ours by gathering all this new information and turning it into one handy chart.

Whether you’re a Coors Light lover or a milkshake IPA devotee, the following table can help you out next time you’re peeking at your waistline.

All data is sourced from beer company websites, unless otherwise noted. The table includes the alcohol level, calories, and carbohydrates of the top 20 beer brands of 2018, according to IRI Worldwide.

A Guide to the Calories, Carbs, and ABV in America's Bestselling Beers