With collaborations popping up throughout the pandemic, and exciting new beer trends always on the radar of beer experts, it’s safe to say that beer has maintained its relevance during the ongoing pandemic.

With Covid-19 constantly changing the world of craft beer and beyond, it often feels difficult to keep up with all that is new and noteworthy in beer. But not to fear: There is an ever-expanding network of beer lovers and educators online who are keeping their followers in the know. From brewers, to writers, to travelers and photographers, these beer experts are the ones to keep your eyes on. (And yes, as it turns out, several are VinePair contributors.)

Mandy Naglich

New York-based Mandy Naglich, otherwise known as @beerswithmandy, is a homebrewer, BJCP-certified taster, and certified Cicerone. She is also the brains behind VinePair’s homebrew column BIY — Brew It Yourself, in which she educates readers about everything from adding fruit infusions to beer, to homebrewing hard seltzer. On her Instagram feed, she shares some of her best new finds, homebrewing feats, and more.

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Eli Traks

Eli Traks (@elitraks) is a commercial photographer by day and a craft beer photographer by night living in Dallas. Though her photography game is strong, her editing skills are what set her apart from other beer photographers. When she’s not taking photos, Traks spends time working on the marketing team for Turning Point Beer in Bedford, Texas, and using her platform to shout out her fellow women in beer.


Toni Boyce / Beer Kulture

Toni Boyce (@tonitwopint) is a certified Cicerone, beer judge, and writer. On their feed, Toni shares some of their newest beer finds and recently published articles. They also serve on the board of directors for Beer Kulture — a nonprofit organization that uses beer to “foster inclusion, equity, and diversity.” On its Instagram page, @beerkulture highlights BIPOC-owned craft breweries, shows off its merchandise, and more.


Beth Demmon

Beth Demmon is a San Diego-based freelance writer, VinePair contributor, and contributing editor at Good Beer Hunting. An advocate for diversity and inclusion in the drinks space, Demmon won a diversity grant and serves on the San Diego Brewers Association diversity committee. She has written many articles for VinePair, as well as Vice, Saveur Magazine, and more. Her Instagram, @thedelightedbite, is full of drool-worthy beer and food content.


Lily Waite/ The Queer Brewing Project

London-based Lily Waite (@lilywaite_) is a beer writer and photographer whose work has appeared in Good Beer Hunting, Pellicle, and, of course, VinePair. She is also the founder of the Queer Brewing Project, a non-profit that raises money and awareness for LGBTQ+ philanthropies. The project has set up a variety of collaboration projects with breweries to raise awareness about queer issues in the beer industry. On its Instagram feed @queerbrewingproject, the non-profit showcases some of the aforementioned beers (adorned with fun labels) and more.


Black Brew Culture

Black Brew Culture has a mission to diversify the world of craft beer. The brand empowers beer lovers of all backgrounds, encouraging and providing resources on brewing and enjoying craft beer. Through curated events, and on social media, Black Brew Culture emphasizes the importance of access and equity in the world of beer. On its Instagram page, @blackbrewculture showcases some of the many black brewers and black-owned breweries that deserve our attention.


VinePair Beer Fridge

For reviews of what the VinePair staff is drinking, @vinepairbeerfridge is full of some of the team’s recent favorites. The feed is typically filled with beers from the VinePair office’s beer fridge, but as we are still working from home, our recent posts have featured the beers drunk by our staff while quarantining everywhere, from New York to Georgia.


Intellectual Pooperty

Poking fun at craft beer brands that rip off iconic intellectual property, Patrick “Hayze’s” @intellectualpooperty showcases beers from “HawaiIowian Punch,” a tropical sour ripping off the childhood favorite Hawaiian Punch, to “Big League Brew,” a bubble- gum-fruited sour. While these beers all vary in taste and appearance, they have one thing in common: They all flirt with intellectual property laws.


Work For Your Beer

Thought beer and fitness couldn’t go together? Think again. Founded by Charlotte, N.C.-based active beer lovers Melanie Fox and Alicia Thomas, Work For Your Beer is a guide to beer fitness — or workout classes taking place in breweries. Sharing everything from beer-centric workout videos to beer memes, @workforyourbeer is the ultimate guide to a fun and balanced lifestyle.


Dogs on Tap

Dogs on Tap is here to prove that man’s best friend really does make for the ideal drinking buddy. From sleepy pups at breweries, to dogs who want a little taste of their owner’s IPA, @dogsontap shares the feel-good content we all need these days.


Cats on Tap

Don’t worry, cat lovers. We didn’t forget about you. Cats on Tap is here to share everything you need to know about your two favorite things: Cats and beer. From sharing photos of (literally) pint-sized drinking buddies, to updating their followers on new cat beer releases, Cats on Tap proves that cats and craft beer make for a purrfect pair.


Louie Baton

When you think of beer pairings, the first things that pop into your mind may be burgers, pizza, and barbecue. But Louie Baton (@louiebaton) has a different pairing in mind: That of beer and Legos. His intricate Lego setups each match a different craft beer, with setups celebrating everyone from “Elon Mollusk” to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Cory Smith

Cory Smith is a beer, food, and travel photographer whose work has appeared in Good Beer Hunting, Punch, and VinePair. Cory’s feed is a delightful mixture of dramatic portraits of hospitality professionals, beautiful beers, and minimalistic food and travel photos.



San Diego-based Megan (a.k.a. @isbeeracarb) knows beer as well as she knows her Mean Girls references. She’s a diversity and inclusion advocate, blogger, and brewer, currently working at San Diego’s Societe Brewing Company. Her feed is full of shots of beer and captions promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity within the world of beer and beyond.


Abby Fougerousse

Abby Fougerousse, or @craftbeermistress, is a Michigan-based beer lover who consistently shares gorgeous bottle and can shots. Keeping things fun, colorful, and a bit out there, Fougerousse’s feed will bring a smile to your face, and make you crave a brew.


Julie Roesser

Buffalo, N.Y.-based Julie Roesser, also known as @craftbeerdeer,is a traveler, photographer, and craft beer enthusiast. Posting everything from reviews, to stunning shots, to unexpected beer pairings, Roesser’s feed is sure to satisfy your craving for fun beer content.