1. You start looking for innovative ways to get beer opened faster.

open many beers

24 beers are better than one.

2. Thoughts about dental insurance start to get real.

beer mouth

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

3. You find out that literally anything can turn into a bottle opener

beer opener beer

Yes, even beer bottles are beer bottle openers.

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4. Really. Anything.

chainsaw beer

Then there are the less-practical bottle openers.

5. You all of a sudden find yourself providing for a lot of new friends.

carry beer

Carrying skills maximized.

6. Which means a lot of beer money.

beer money

And by a lot of beer money, I mean all of the monies.

7. That tends to happen when time is split between coffee time and beer time.

it's beer o clock

Is it beer o’clock yet?

8. You can always find the time and space for cracking open a cold one.

surfing while drinking beer

Yes. It’s always beer o’clock. Anytime, anywhere.

9. Some people think that you’re snobby, but you find that swirling impacts the taste.

swirl your beer

It matters, O.K.?

10. And no, it’s not snobby to think that glassware matters.

glassware for beer


11. Winning every drinking game you play starts to get old.

beer pong pro

You still play, though.

12. Opening beers the normal way gets old too.

beer me

Hey, toss me a beer!

13. You do realize the calories are getting to you, though.

push ups

Gotta get those reps in.

14. Hey, at least you have recycling day to look forward to.

recycle day