10 Wine Bottle Centerpieces For Your Wedding

Planning every little detail of your Big Day can get super overwhelming. Decisions have to be made regarding dresses, dishes, and, possibly hardest of all, decorations. Wine lovers everywhere, breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve gathered 10 of our favorite wine-bottle centerpiece ideas for your Big Day. Each of these craft ideas is absolutely adorable in its own unique way. But the fun process of accumulating all of those empty bottles remains the same. Drink up and decorate with these DIY centerpiece ideas!

Bottle & Cork Vases

Wine Bottle Cork Centerpiece
Photo via Pinterest

We love the side-by-side wine bottle/cork vase look of this DIY centerpiece. Bonus: the burgundy shade of those flowers resembles what was in that bottle prior to being repurposed!

Table Number Holder

Wine Bottle Table Number Holder
Photo via My Wedding

The rustic look of these mini chalkboards hung by twine will direct your guests to their tables in style.

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Table Number Display

DIY Wine Bottle Table Number Display For Wedding
Photo via Etsy

Or, simply turn the bottle itself into the table number indicator! Adding your names/date at the bottom of the label gives this look a personalized touch.

Ribbon & Twine

Gorgeous rustic DIY wine bottle wedding centerpiece
Photo via Pinterest

This bottle-themed centerpiece is super simple and requires minimum materials. Plus, the white lace against the brown of the twine is stunning.

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter

DIY Glitter and Gold Wine Bottles
Photo via Pinterest

Because your Big Day should be full of sparkle, right? When it comes to celebrations, glitter is a must-have. Centerpieces included.

Waxy Candle Holders

DIY Wine Bottle Candle Holders
Photo via Pinterest

We’re obsessed with the way the candle wax melts naturally down the sides of the bottles. Tip: White candles tend to look the most romantic.

Note-worthy Centerpiece

Use a wine bottle as your wedding guest book
Photo via Pinterest

Leaving magnum-size bottles of your favorite wine (with a golden marker, of course) as a centerpiece allows your guests to leave you personalized notes that you’ll read over and over after the night is through.

Turquoise & Lace

DIY Lace Wine Bottles For Wedding Decorations.
Photo via DIY Craftland

There’s nothing quite as romantic as wine and lace, right? We can’t get enough of this turquoise color paint, either. Beach weddings, this one’s for you.

Twinkle Light Holder

DIY Christmas Light Wine Bottles
Photo via Curbly

Love the idea of sparkle but not ready to commit to making crafts with glitter? No problem! Twinkle lights will add a sparkly touch of magic to every table.

Rustic Tree Bark & Twine Display

DIY Rustic Wine and Beer Bottle Vase
Photo via Fab You Bliss

Placing one to three bottles grouped together atop this little piece of tree bark is both rustic and romantic. Add some pops of lace and white flowers for a centerpiece that oozes romance. Don’t forget the tea light candle!