10 Ways to Drink With Your BFF on Valentine’s Day

10 Ways to Incorporate Drinking Into Your V-Day Alterna-plans With Your BFF

For those of us not in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can seem like the worst day of the year. But does it have to be? Rather than being reminded of how lonely we occasionally feel, why not take the day to honor a relationship even more important than one with a significant other, a.k.a., the one with our best friend?

Your relationship with your best friend has trumped all past relationships with your ex-lovers, and most likely will prove stronger than relationships to come. Hell, even the relationship with the person you marry most likely won’t be able to touch what you and your best pal have. It’s special, sacred, one of a kind. Take this Valentine’s Day to toast to the guy/gal you love most, your one and only ’til-the-end-friend. We’ve come up with 10 ways to incorporate a drink (or three) into your Valentine’s Day alterna-plans with your BFF; choose one or two from the list below and celebrate with the one you actually love the most.

Sneak a Bottle into the Cinema

Whether you prefer a sappy love story or a cheesy comedy to get you through the evening, there’s no better way to enjoy the movie than with your best friend — and a drink, of course. Grab some of those little bottles of wine (or a six-pack of beer, depending on how big your bag is), and head to the box office. Don’t forget the M&M’s either.

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Make Boozy Crafts

What’s better than a girls’ night in with wine and crafts? Turn those bottles into works of art by choosing from one of these wine bottle crafts. You have to empty the bottles first, of course… so there’s that.

Find a Wine Class

There’s no better way to learn about wine than by sipping while studying. Find a local wine class near you and get to learning. You’ll most likely walk out slightly smarter (and slightly more tipsy) than when you started.

Paint with Your Pinot

And if you don’t actually feel like learning, incorporate your wine drinking into a paint night class, offered at various locations all over the country. It’s essentially a BYOB art class. Plus, you get to leave with a piece of art that you yourself made. While tipsy. Ah, the satisfaction.

Oh, You Fancy

Most restaurants offer special prix-fixe menus for Valentine’s Day, loaded with elegant appetizers, savory main courses, and mouthwatering desserts. Plus, wine pairings are generally offered. Treat yourselves to the fancy dinner you’ve always wanted to go to. Hey, you deserve it.

Spiked Shopping

If dining out is not your thing, grab your bestie and head to your favorite shopping area. Take it back to high school and grab a large fountain soda, spike it with airplane bottles of liquor, and get to shopping. Because we all know it’s easier to justify those special purchases when lightly buzzed. Hey, you deserve it.

Spa Date

On a classier note, head to a spa with your best friend and bask in all of the joys this relaxation station has to offer. Look for one with an on-site bar for boozy breaks between pampering.

Tour a Local Winery/Brewery

Looking to spend the night out on the town without having to deal with the massive numbers of couples who will be overtaking restaurants? Head to a local winery or brewery tour for some education on whichever booze you fancy. Plus, samples and tasting rooms make it all the better.

Manis and Martinis

Salons across the nation are beginning to offer manicure and cocktail night. Check your local salons to see if they have a girls’ night out event organized for Valentine’s Day. If not, ask if you could bring your own bottle, even for a small fee. Considering you’re looking to spend some of your V-Day at their establishment, the chances may be in your favor!

Singles Potluck

Have a group of single friends with no V-Day plans? Get together for a potluck dinner or potluck dessert party to gather everyone around. Each person brings a dish/dessert, plus their favorite bottle of wine, for endless snacking and laughs. The more the merrier, right?