Malibu Winery

My girlfriend (now wife) and I had invited both sets of parents to visit our new apartment. We had recently moved in together and felt it was time for our parents to meet. The only question: what would be the best setting for such an occasion? After a lot of brainstorming, we decided that a winery would be a great place to break the ice, calm the nerves, and spend our day. So off we went to Malibu Wines in California (a short distance from our home).

We shared a few bottles of red and a white. Our parents relaxed, shared, and discovered commonalities. Smiles all around. We poured glasses, ate sandwiches, and laughed. When we’re all together we reminisce about that day and how much fun we had watching our families come together for the first time.

Born in New York, grew up in Phoenix, back on Long Island since 2011 after six years in LA, Steven Molberger is the Director for Annual Giving at Hofstra University and is working on his MS in Higher Education Leadership and Policy.

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