We took a little trip down memory lane for a glimpse at New Year’s Eve celebrations through the decades. The styles may change, and the settings may differ, but there’s one very important variable that’s consistent over the past hundred years: wine is crucial for a New Year’s Eve toast.

This has been a particularly bubbly week here at VinePair. We’ve recommended 4 interesting alternatives to Champagne, accessories for your upcoming bash, and shared a little history lesson. Now you get to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a stroll back in time:
The Way We Drank: New Year's Eve Photos

  1. 1907 via
  2. 1910 via
  3. 1941 via
  4. 1942 via
  5. 1952 via
  6. 1961 via
  7. 1974 via

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