12 Ways To Upgrade Your Case Of Beer: INFOGRAPHIC

Throughout the Super Bowl you’re going to see a lot of ads for “big beer,” basically the beers that represent the majority of what we Americans drink day in and day out. But sometimes upgrading your beer selection not only provides a nice change of pace, but helps expand your horizons to what else is out there – and in doing so you’ll discover great beers from Germany, Mexico, or even Pennsylvania.

While America’s popular mass-produced beers definitely have their place – we’ve been known to enjoy a Budweiser or High Life every now and again – what makes the current beer boom so awesome is all of the different options that are now available for you to try. In that spirit, we’ve selected twelve of the most popular beers in America, and provided our recommendations for similar beers that exhibit many of the characteristics that probably cause you to love one of the “big beers” in the first place.

Upgrade 12 Popular Beers With These Alternate Suggestions - Infographic