Wine Label Crafts

Sometimes a wine leaves such an impression on you that you want to remember that wine forever. While there are lots of ways to keep track of the wines you’ve drunk, from mobile scanning apps to good old fashioned wine journals, sometimes it’s fun to take an artistic approach. Doing something crafty with the label of that oh-so-memorable bottle is one of the best ways to remember a great wine.

The first step to doing something crafty with a wine label is getting the darned thing off the bottle! The two most popular methods for removing wine labels are the soak method and the oven method. The soak method involves first filling the bottle up with hot water, and then submerging the bottle into a warm soapy bath for an hour. While Martha Stewart swears by the soak method, when we’ve tried it, we’ve found that the labels often just don’t peel off. Also, it’s rare, but soaking them for that long of a time can damage the more delicate labels.

The oven method takes the opposite approach, using dry heat instead of moisture. This is our favorite way of getting labels off of wine bottles. Heat your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and then place the bottle inside for 10 – 15 minutes. Put on some oven mitts, pull the bottle out from the oven, and set it down somewhere safe. The label should peel right off! It should be noted that for whatever reason, there are just going to be some labels that never come off their bottle. This is a rare occurrence, but when it happens don’t let it frustrate you; a quick Google search will typically lead you to a printable copy of the label.

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Now that you’ve gotten the label off the bottle, here are some great things you can do with it:


Refresh Glass shows off some of their favorite bottles by turning the labels into coasters. All you need for this project is a glue gun, your favorite wine labels and the pre-cut cork coasters available to buy at a craft store.
Refresh Glass Wine Coasters

Wall Art:

Some wine labels have an incredible artistic quality to them. Collect your favorites and create a collage to make an eye-catching piece of art.

Wall Art
via flickr/foodwinemodpodge

A Decoupaged Wine Label Memo Board:

Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts repurposes her favorite wine labels to create an eye-catching memo board. Chores never seemed so delightful.
Wine Label Memo Board