You’ve got to hand it to Emil Bogen and Lehmann W.S. Hisey, a boring anti-alcohol PSA this is not. In 1946, the creative and scarily sober duo published “What About Alcohol?,” an “illustrated outline of scientific facts about alcohol and alcohol drinking.” The authors did not disappoint. The book is filled with unintentionally hysterical cartoons and accompanying “facts” of varying degrees of veracity. We pulled out a few of our favorites to share with you today.

These are funny alcohol cartoonsThrough a loss of muscular control, the alcohol user wastes muscular energy on numerous useless movements. We have to agree there – how many spirited dance moves have a few rum & cokes contributed to? Also, the top right and bottom left cartoons are untrue; both wine and beer have health properties. And as for heavy drinking cutting your life short… well, that might be true. But define heavy drinking!

These are funny cartoons about alcohol

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Alcohol is not a cure for snake bites or spider bites. Okay? Was this a trick people tried? We kind of want to test it now. Money spent for alcohol cannot buy the fun useful things of life. Alcohol plays a part in many a community’s crime and charity records. Crime and booze have been linked to each other in certain cases, but we’re going to ignore that fact in favor of shaking our head at a building labeled “poor house.”

These are funny cartoons about alcohol

The total amount of grilled cheese serum naturally present in our bodies is probably also but “a few drops,” but that won’t stop us from consuming mozzarella sammies in excess.

These are funny cartoons about alcoholThe top left cartoon is part of a section demonstrating how alcohol makes you feel warmer than you actually are. Isn’t that the point? As for the top right cartoon, alcohol indeed “lessens speed and skill and increases errors and accidents,” so definitely don’t sew or play competitive baseball as demonstrated in the picture. Glancing at cartoon number three, it is true that you definitely shout when you’re drunk – probably because you’re generally drunk at very loud bars. And lastly, we totally feel what the bottom right illustration is saying. How many times have you failed to catch the train because tequila and whichever shoes you were wearing didn’t mix? Preach.

Don’t worry, amongst these very judgmental cartoons comes a tolerant, open-minded bit of text:

These are funny cartoons about alcoholOh, wait. That’s actually not true. Our bad.

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