Whether you’re going through Boardwalk Empire withdrawal or celebrating Repeal Day, we thought a little dose of 1920s drinking style was in order over here at VinePair. Not familiar with Repeal Day? A little history lesson for you: On December 5, 1933 Prohibition was officially repealed, as Utah became the final state needed to ratify the 21st amendment.

Lasting from 1920-1933, Prohibition did not offer the best of times to most Americans. Rather, it produced an increase in organized crime and was seen by many critics as a law that emphasized class distinction, as the law favored the elite and wealthy who could stockpile alcohol in their private cellars. Thankfully, Franklin Roosevelt put a stop to this nonsense and today we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. We’ll toast to that!

The guys and gals below may have had to do their imbibing in secret, but that certainly didn’t stop them from partaking in a grand ole’ time. Honor them tonight with a delicious glass of wine!

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The Way We Drank: 1920s