The best Vodka is supposed to have no flavor at all. Simply a clean, crisp taste that is basically close to water. It’s what makes vodka a near-perfect shooting liquor. But that hasn’t stopped countless vodka producers from adding flavor to the beverage in order to make it even more enticing for shots, and sometimes cocktails, though who are we kidding, they want you to shoot it. But while there are some pretty tame options, such as cranberry, orange and even sweet tea, there are also some pretty crazy varieties as well.

Here are the 9 craziest vodkas on the market right now.

Ivanabitch Tobacco and Menthol Tobacco Flavored Vodka

ivanabitch Menthol
Maybe you’re the type of person that loves to smoke and drink at the same time. Well then you’re in luck, thanks to Ivanabitch, you won’t be able to tell if the flavors you’re tasting are coming from the vodka or that pack of cigarettes you just finished. We assume this vodkas tastes like drinking from an ash tray.

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Naked Jay “Big Dill”

Naked Jay Pickle Vodka
In Russia they have a tradition of taking a shot of vodka and chasing that shot by eating a delicious dill pickle. Naked Jay takes the tradition one step further and basically makes alcoholic pickle juice. Yum?

Van Gogh Vodka PB&J

Have you ever been out drinking and thought to yourself, man I’d love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Well now you can drink your childhood, thanks to Van Gogh Vodka’s creation. Just remember, this is a PB&J you definitely can’t bring with you on the school bus.

Cathead Pecan Vodka

cathead Pecan
Besides a good pecan pie or some pecan waffles once in a while, we’re not sure pecan is a flavor that we crave all that often, especially in vodka. But that didn’t seem to stop Cathead from creating it anyway.

Three Olives Bubble Vodka

bubblegum vodka
This just seems like a weird combination and something that’s going to make us sick to our stomachs extremely quickly, just like when we had those sleepovers years ago and ate too much bubbalicious.

Three Olives Loopy

Fruit Loops vodka
With this Fruit Loops flavored vodka and the Bubble gum variety, it seems to us that Three Olives is getting a bit too close to marketing towards kids. Or the kid inside of all of us. Either way it feels a bit wrong…

360 Glazed Donut

glazed donut
This vodka is for the cops when they get off work.

Georgi Waffle Vodka

waffle vodka
Maybe you’re the kind of person that’s just not that in to breakfast. That’s ok, you can drink it instead.

Oddka Fresh Cut Grass

grass vodka
The vodka is called Oddka and there is certainly nothing odder than drinking something that tastes like your front lawn. Unless Oddka is using the word grass the way hippies use the word grass, then we’re talking…