The 5 Steps For Curing Your Hangover

Another memorable evening is nearing a close, and you realize you may have had a few more drinks than your normal limit – a hangover is near. No one loves a hangover, and if we’re lucky and smart about our imbibing, we hopefully see them infrequently, but every once in a while, you are going to develop one, so here are the five steps you need to follow in order to cure it.

Step One: Drink Water Before Going To Bed

Drink water before bed.After a long night out, our instincts can kick in, and for most of us that means heading straight to bed, but allowing our head to hit the pillow before having at least two large glasses of water would be a mistake. When we drink, our livers pull water from every crevice of our bodies in order to process the alcohol, and that means we get dehydrated. That pounding headache you feel first thing in the morning comes from dehydration, so drink a few glasses of water before bed to start the rehydration process.

Note: A lot of people claim that it helps to take a painkiller before heading to bed, but that’s a bad idea. Painkillers also need to be processed by your liver, so you’re asking it to do even more work by introducing another chemical into your body. Stick to water while alcohol is still in your system and wait to take painkillers in the morning.

Step Two: Wake Up And Exercise

Wake up and exercise.Go for a run, jump on a bike, or even just do some jumping jacks or yoga. The idea is to get more blood pumping through your body to start pumping out the toxins. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise where you sweat a bit is just what the doctor ordered.

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Pro Tip: When you get back from your workout you’re going to want to jump in the shower, but make sure that shower isn’t too hot. As good as a hot shower can feel, it actually has the ability to relax you too much, putting you back to sleep. Go for a lukewarm shower instead, where the water is just cool enough to keep you alert.

Step Three: Drink Two More Glasses Of Water And Eat A Banana

Eat a Banana and drink water.Many people swear by coconut water for relieving a hangover, but having two glasses of water and a banana is basically the same thing. You can also add a teaspoon of salt to one of those glasses of water, which allows you to deliver the lost sodium your body needs as well.

Note: Coffee is essential for a lot of people in the morning, but this actually dehydrates you more, so avoid the cup of joe unless you absolutely need it, in which case, you need to compensate with extra glasses of water.

Step Four: Eat Two Eggs

Eat 2 eggs.Whether hardboiled, poached or scrambled, it’s important to eat two eggs the morning of your hangover. Your body, specifically your liver, needs Cysteine, an amino acid found in eggs, that helps take a lot of the strain off your liver. Go with some eggs and maybe even a slice or two of whole grain toast, but avoid a greasy meal. While your brain may be telling you grease is the way to go, it will actually make you feel worse later in the day.

Pain Killers: If you’re in desperate need of painkillers this would now be the time to take them. Any earlier on and you’d risk the medicine further upsetting your stomach.

Step Five: Pick Up Sliced Watermelon On Your Way Out For The Day

Watermelon helps ease a hangover.The final thing your body is craving is some sugar, and the perfect delivery system is chunks of watermelon. The watermelon provides both more hydration and fructose, which is needed to make glucose, which your body turns into energy. You lost most of your glucose last night on your several trips to the bathroom between drinks, so you won’t feel fully rejuvenated until you replace it.

These five steps should have you feeling as good as new, but take it easy the rest of the day just in case. Eat healthy, avoid your desire for greasy food and try not to drink as much the next time.