There’s no denying it: drinking and beaching were made for each other. Luckily, America is a country that’s large enough to include a few coasts and beaches a’plenty. With the days heating up by the hour, sipping something cool and alcoholic is ideal. Think all the beachside dives are in California? Think again. We searched the country for thirteen beach bars that vary in vibe, price, and location. Don a pair of aviators (really, do it), flip-flops, and get ready for a booze cruise down the nation.

1. Talon Lodge & Spa: Sitka, AK

Talon Lodge & Spa is a great beach bar

This fishing lodge and accompanying spa and bar is located in Alaska. Yes, Alaska. Talon is the only open air bar in Alaska, and it serves up ultra fresh fish, superb wine, and of course, beautiful views (who remembers The Proposal)?

2. Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar: Islamorada, FL

Lorelei Cabana bar is a great beach bar

Um, delicious frozen drinks being drank atop the literal sparkling water in Florida? There’s also live music and a huge mermaid sing. #win

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3. Seacrets: Ocean City, MD

Seacrets is a great beach bar

Yeah, this place isn’t exactly known for being super classy, but you can sit and drink in the water without fear of spilling your drink. Look at that!

4. Moonshadows: Malibu, CA

Moonshadows bar is a great beach bar

Dine on crab cakes and duck spring rolls at this stunning Malibu bar and restaurant that’s firmly planted in the sand. Gaze at the ocean, enjoy their great by-the-glass program, or treat yourself to some sake (told you it’s a California thing).

5. Nikki Beach, Miami FL

Nikki Beach is Miami is a great beach bar

Sure, that serene cabana picture makes this Miami hotspot look tame, but don’t be fooled. Get clubby and order extreme bottle service at this Miami staple. Come on, you’re in Miami, you have to flaunt.

6. Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge: Cannon Beach, OR

Wayfarer is a great beach bar

We’d never leave out the Pacific Northwest. Located on Cannon Beach, this place offers local fare, stunning views, and a general sense of happiness.

7. Connolly’s: Rockaway Beach, NY

Connolly's is a great beach bar
Courtesy of The Forum News Group

Only a cool five minutes away from the general beach area, this extremely non-pretentious bar is only open during the summer (because New York beaches freeze over and shatter). Do yourself a favor and order the best frozen vodka pink lemonade and piña colada ever known to mankind. Just ask for a “frozen.”

8. The Surf Lodge: Montauk, NY

The Surf Lodge is a great beach bar

Speaking of New York, how much do we love The Surf Lodge in Montauk? Escape to this little hotel with your special someone, then sip and dine by the water in the Lodge’s casual-beach-meets-haute-cuisine restaurant.

9. The Serenity Pool At The Four Seasons In Maui, HI

The Four Seasons has a great beach bar

The Four Seasons Hotel is not known for skimping out, and they’ve stopped at no expense to give you an experience that’s supremely relaxing. As someone Evian spritzes you and lays cucumbers on your eyelids (for real), swim up to the bar and enjoy cocktails. Yes, you’re on Maui beach, but you could always still use a pool. And safety first: sunscreen and aloe gel is on the house.

10. Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant: Panama City, FL

Sharky's is a great beach bar

Do you have kids? Then you should go here, because kids eat free. Also, views of the water in Panama City, Florida, all sorts of oyster dishes, and live music are available.

11. Old Tony’s: Redondo Beach, CA

Old Tony's is a great beach bar

Smack on the pier in Redondo Beach, California, Old Tony’s has unabashedly non-martini martinis and dessert-packed cocktails like the Fire Chief (so much rum) and the Lifesaver (rum, butterscotch schnapps, and pineapple juice). Do not drink unattended.

12. Flora-Bama: Perdido Key, FL

Flora-bama is a great beach bar

Located on the Florida/Alabama line (turns out they’re right next to each other!), Flora-Bama is best known for their annual Mullet Toss Party, which is a huge beach party but also a literal mullet toss. You toss a “dead mullet” over the state line and see who can throw it the farthest. We’re scared, but intrigued.

13. The Beachcomber In Wellfleet, MA

Beachcomber is a great beach bar

So, this Massachusetts bar claims to have sold over 3 million of their house cocktail: the Goombay Smash. It consist of rums, juices, and a Myer’s float. We suspect there’s another secret ingredient that keeps the customers coming back. The views are also lovely.